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FLAX SEED  Linum usitatissismun

The „Blue Allgäu“
In former time this lovely mountain region close to the Austrian border was called the „Blue Allgaeu“ as its fields were dominated by the blue blossoms of   flax, that was harvested for the production of linen. This went on, until a 150 years ago,  the automatic power looms were invented and cut off the demand for hand woven linen. That sent the whole region into deep poverty, until Karl Hirnbein was able to persuade the mountain farmers to give up flax farming and switch to raising milk cows and sell the milk and milk-products instead.

The Plant and its History
Flax has been planted already in ancient times. In the Bilble we read,that the loss of the flax harvest was called one of the seven plagues over Egypt. Nowadays flax is farmed in Italy and mainly in China.

Flax is a one-year plant and grows app. 50-70 centimeter high. The healing part of the plant are the seeds that are harvested August and September. From the seeds the flax seed oil is cold pressed.

Flaxseed Oil is a painless gallbladder-stone cure. You take half a cup of the flax seed oil (only organic, only cold press!!) lay on your left side. My patients told me, that within hours they were able to eliminate all their gallbladder stones without cramps or problems. I have only recommend this cure for small stones to remain on the safe side.

The second wind phenomenon (sharp pain in the spleen area when running) can be addressed with sips of warm flax seed oil.

Flaxseed oil can be used externally as an ointment for hemorrhoids or on cracked skin on feet and hands. Latest reports show, that flax seed oil is able to prevent a clogging of the bloodcells. That‘s why it is recomended as a precaution of heart attacks.

Fresh ground flax seed  is used to stimulate digestion and to help with bronchitis. If taken with water, apple sauce or yoghurt 1-3 times a  day it stimulates digestion. But be aware of drinking more water, when taking flax seed, because it absorbs a lot of water and could otherwise leave the intestinal tract too dry and make maldigestion worse .

If you mix fresh ground flax seed with equal part of honey and take teaspoonwise you have a good remedy to fight bronchitis and hoarseness.

Flax seed Tea is made as a cold extraction. This means, you put 1 tablespoon full of Flax Seed into one cup of cold water and let it sit over night or at least 5-6 hours. Then you heat it up gently to short before boiling, let sit for 10 minutes and do not strain. Eat the solid parts and drink the tea. The slimy part of flax seed is an important stimulus for digestion.

If you are producing more Flax tea, you might want to save the rest of the strained seeds. If you heat up that „cake“, you can use it as a poultice. Especially on gout feet this gentle heat is helping a lot, as it promotes better circulation