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A breakthrough in treating the cause...

In spring 2013 ALBERT RUCH, a colleague from Germany visited Hawaii and introduced me to his new way to diagnose and treat diseases. Based on the principles of bio-resonance he had developped a system, that makes it possible for everyone to get the benefits of this treatment without travelling to his practise in Germany.

I tried the RUCH protocol  myself and had an immediate success with  an old stubborn shoulder ache.

But the biggest success was treating a family member.

I was in Germany, treating W. for his liver cancer. He had been given up by conventional medicine because the tumor had clogged up his portal vein. After taking two rounds of the RUCH protocol (taking the RUCH energetic drops) he was re-checked by his oncologist.  The portal vein had opened up again and he was on the way to recovery.  A test a month later showed that the portal vein now had normal size.

The third round of the RUCH protocol helped him to stabilize. He started to gain weight and he was able to make short walks. He also had more appetite. 

Below you find what I translated from Albert Ruchs website. 

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HOME - translation of Albert Ruchs website

What is More Important in Life than Health?

Welcome to the website of Albert Ruch, Naturopath since 1982. Having worked in the field of naturopathy for more than three decades, Albert Ruch developed  a procedure that detects the cause of each and every disease – both chronic and acute.


Holistic Medicine for Humans and Animals


Health Is More than the mere “Absence of Disease”


Holistic medicine is defined as treating the whole body when the cause of a disease or lack of optimal function has been determined. Viral, bacterial or fungal infections can cause chronic diseases that often remain undetected when conventional lab tests are used as diagnostic tools.


The RUCH Energetics test procedure reveals the cause of your condition, and delivers the exact treatment modality.

If conventional medicine could cure diseases, chronic diseases would not exist. The more patients are treated with antibiotics and chemicals, the more „incomplete“ healing occurs - leaving the patient with dysfunctions or imbalances. The body is able to adapt to a certain extent, however, the more often incomplete healing takes place, the more dysfunction accumulates.

The RUCH Energetics blood and body fluids test is able to detect hidden bacterial, viral, and fungal infections as well as toxins that are not traceable with conventional lab tests. Using the RUCH Energetics procedure, a homeopathic remedy is created that targets the bodies dysfunctional behavior and enables the body to eliminate remainders of former infections and undesirable accumulations.

Albert RUCH has worked with this method for decades, and while doing so, he discovered that there is no such thing as an „incurable disease“. To name only a few:  Migraine headaches, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Skin Diseases, Chronic Pain, Borreliosis /Lyme disease, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Hepatitis … they all fall into this group and can be cured as soon as the underlying cause is detected, and the symptoms are addressed correctly.

It may take patience to unravel all layers of infectious material the body has stored. When patients take the homeopathic remedy as prescribed, it is normal procedure to retest blood and body fluids on a monthly basis The remedy is actualized with each new testing period




The RUCH Energetics Procedure is analysis and cure in one.

Sending a blood sample, mucus from the nasal membranes, earwax, and saliva to RUCH labs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the US is your first step to achieving radiant health.

  The samples are tested using bio-resonance procedures. The samples show a clear picture of the contamination with viruses, bacteria, fungi and/or other environmental toxins.

History of Bio-Resonance

In the late 70s, a team of engineers created Bio-Resonance - a new approach to treat diseases. The basic concept is that everything on earth represents a form of vibration. A healthy body has a specific vibration. Diseases create interferences within that vibration. Bio-Resonance picks up the body’s vibration that is then scanned into a computer to evaluate the deviation from normal vibration. A special computer program creates a counter-vibration to eliminate these interferences. The counter-vibration is transferred into a basic remedy which is specific to the needs of the tested person.   With this medication (or transfer of the vibration) the body is able to eliminate the cause of the disease. The medicinal drops that are created follow the same active principle as homeopathy.

The following systems are monitored and analyzed by the test.


Skeletal System
Muscular System
Lymphatic System

Central Nervous System
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Detox System

Hormone System
Immune System
Sensory Organs

Albert Ruch has applied this method since the early days of Bio-Resonance. He also discovered that infected teeth were co-responsible for 80% of chronic diseases. This discovery lead to his development of RUCH Energetics, a special technique that reveals disturbance fields and their causes in the gums and teeth.

RUCH Energetics Is a  Revolution in the Field of Bio-Resonance

It‘s so easy. There is no need to go anywhere to get tested. You prepare your test fluid samples in the privacy of your home. Simply mail us your test specimens.  We will test them and send you your personal remedy that is tailored specifically to you.  We will include a complete analysis of our findings and a detailed description of how to take the remedy.
While you are taking your remedy in the next three weeks we  monitor your progress.


Once the cause for the discomfort or disease is analyzed you will receive your RUCH Energetics drops by mail.  They are tailored specifically to your needs.  Please follow the attached instructions carefully.

„Healing Crisis“.

Every naturopathic approach that addresses chronic conditions can create a so-called “healing crisis”. A healing crisis can be the aggravation of an old symptom or the recurrence of old conditions that have not healed completely in the past. In most cases, the healing crisis lasts a few hours and disappears without treatment. During the healing crisis, the body eliminates old toxins from past contaminations with bacteria, viruses, fungi or toxic substances.

RUCH Energetics drops

are tailored specifically to your immune system. These drops enable your body to expel old and harmful substances. It is not possible to predict whether or not a healing crisis will occur, and, if it does occur, whether it will be mild or more severe.  It can include sore muscles or other aches that normally subside within a few hours. If you are uncertain, feel free to e-mail us.  Some people never experience a healing crisis - just improvement of their health; this is not unusual either.


Shake the bottle well before use and put one drop into a cup of water. Drink the mixture in sips in the course of the day.

If you are not experiencing a healing crisis or the symptoms of a new infection (please refer to our FAQ), you may take the same dose after  two days. Then you take two drops per cup of water (...and drink it in the course of the day)  and repeat this after two days, then you take  three drops per cup of water during the third week and repeat it after two days. Then you send in another sample for testing and while waiting for the new drops and results, you take the three drops every third day.

If you experience a healing crisis, wait until the symptoms have subsided and continue with the protocol by putting one drop into a cup of water and taking one sip only. After two days, increase the dosage to two sips and keep on increasing the dose until you are able to drink the whole cup. Once you tolerate this well, you may proceed with two drops and three drops.

After the next RUCH blood test - usually three weeks to one month after the first test - you will start again with one drop, increase to two drops the following week, and three drops the week thereafter.

Dos and Don‘ts:

This is important!  As your body is trying to eliminate old and harmful accumulations, you should support this effort by drinking sufficient amounts of fluids. We highly recommend you drink at least two pints of non-carbonated mineral water or herbal tea per day.

While on this program, please be aware that your sensitivity to alcohol will  increase. We therefore recommend you avoid alcoholic beverages.

If you take prescription medications, you should continue taking them during the RUCH protocol. When you feel better, talk with your doctor about reducing or stopping the medication, depending on the state of your health.

How long does it take to restore health with RUCH Energetics

It depends on how many “layers“ of contamination are found in the monthly tests. We have seen people getting well after only one RUCH protocol; there have also been cases that needed monthly testing for up to one year.

The RUCH protocol is a perfect way for your Health Maintenance

We have many patients who get tested every year to make sure nothing goes undetected....

What is the RUCH Protocol?
Following the guidelines of the RUCH Protocol, your body fluids are tested every month until all old infestations are eliminated, and you receive energy balancing drops that are tailored specifically to your needs.

What results can I expect from the RUCH Test?
You will receive an evaluation of disturbance fields and pathogenic substances that have caused your chronic disease. The drops are tailored specifically to your needs, enabling your body to eliminate the cause of your chronic illness and re-establish health.

Is there any „incurable disease“?
Not necessarily. When you find the cause of a disease or ailment, there is always hope.
The RUCH Test detects the cause or your disease and provides you with an energy medicine that helps your body to re-establish health.

Can you explain the correlation between my teeth and the RUCH Test?

Decades of research lead Albert Ruch to the findings that hidden infestations with pathogenetic factors  within the gums and teeth are the number one cause of all chronic diseases. Unraveling the chain of causation with the  administration of personalized, tailored, energy medicine, your body will be able to activate its defense mechanism and free itself from disease.

Does it make sense to take the RUCH Test when experiencing acute bacterial or viral diseases?

If you are experiencing the initial symptoms of the flu, acute stomach problems or other acute symptoms, the RUCH Test is able to pinpoint the cause, the pathogenetic factor. The RUCH Protocol provides the correct energy medicine and enables your body to fight the infection successfully within a short period of time.

My story:

While giving a 3-day  seminar on Foot Reflexology I started feeling a sharp toothache at the end of the first day. I called the RUCH lab and he asked me to send immediately my specimens. As I have the scanning device here, I did so,  and within hours I had the result: An airborne  flu virus had caused the tooth ache. He sent me the vibration file and I downloaded and created the drops. I took  1 drop with water into my mouth and within ten minutes the toothache was gone for good.

I feel worse after I started the energy medicine. What‘s wrong?

Good news: Nothing is wrong. Your body is trying to heal itself. You are probably going through a Healing Crisis. During this phase of healing, the body frees itself from all “bad” bacteria, viruses or other unhealthy matter. In most cases, the healing crisis will subside during the first or second round of the protocol.

I felt well while I was taking the drops and all of a sudden I‘m miserable

That is different! Maybe the healing process was interrupted because your body had to deal with a new (airborne) infection. If this is the case, you should send in your specimens and have another RUCH Test done to identify the pathogenetic cause, and receive new, additional drops.


How will I feel during treatment?

You may expect an improvement after a few days, while the old symptoms just fade away. Sometimes, when you increase the number of drops, you could experience another healing crisis.  The healing process is only delayed if you are dealing with a new infection.

Should the RUCH Protocol be repeated?

We recommend that you repeat the RUCH Test every three to four  weeks to see whether the pathogenetic substances have been destroyed. Sometimes you have to do several rounds of the RUCH Protocol to eliminate all pathogenetic factors. The body rids itself from them, layer by layer. Once you get rid of all the pathogenetic factors, your health becomes stable.

The RUCH Test showed no new disease. Will I be healthy forever?

You will be healthy as long as you don‘t pick up another new  pathogenetic factor. But your health will be much more stable. This means your body is able to fight disease properly and you won‘t be chronically ill. 

How long do you recommend that I take the energy medicine?

We recommend you take the drops that were created specifically for you and your „as-is“ situation for three to four  weeks. You should then repeat the test. If we find other pathogenetic factors you will receive a revised version of  drops and take them for another three weeks. When the test shows you are  clear of  pathogenetic factors, you should take the highest dose (three drops in water every three days) for another week.

Can I use the RUCH Protocol as Health Maintenance?

Absolutely! We suggest, as a precaution, that you take the RUCH Test every three or six months as health maintenance.

Can I share my RUCH energetic drops with someone who has the same symptoms?

Absolutely NOT. The drops were made for your body’s needs and will not do another person any good.

ABOUT the RUCH team

Albert Ruch‘s Naturopathic practice is located in the heart of Germany. For more than 30 years, Albert Ruch and his team have been dedicated to serving clients from all over the world. Clients can be assured that he and his team of alternative health practitioners and assistants will always take the time to assist you and monitor your progress on your way to perfect health.


Albert Ruch  Executive Alternative Practitioner (Naturopath):

I obtained my degree as alternative practitioner at the Technical College in Bochum.
On April 2, 1982, I was granted the license to practice alternative medicine.  Since that day I have passionately practiced alternative medicine. The way I understand holistic medicine, there is a cause behind every symptom. This cause needs to be found and treated. Our continuous progress in treatment techniques is the reason for our success, with the goal to help our clients quickly and efficiently. I developed a method that detects the cause of illnesses and diseases using blood and body fluid tests.  Clients can prepare the test specimens in the comfort of their home, which means that I am also able to help clients who find it difficult to travel. To help even more people, I expanded my Ruch-Energetics stations to Austria, Switzerland, Dubai and the US.

Karin Mann - Alternative Practitioner (Naturopath)
My love for working with people and fascination with holistic medicine lead me to my profession of Naturopath.  I am very much interested in healing the whole person rather than symptoms. Since I started working in the Ruch Naturopathic Practice I have been honored to instill hope in many people who had given up and had accepted illness as part of their life.

Katja Stilting - Alternative Practitioner (Naturopath)
Just like my colleagues, I am  treating the cause of illness. For me this is the centerpiece in Holistic Treatments. It is a fascinating aspect of my work at the practice of naturopathy Albert H. Ruch: Facing new challenges to help people who are at a loss. It is always joyful to see how my patients find back to their balance in all aspects. To see people recover with all three aspects of their being - body, mind and soul - is very rewarding.

Practice Assistants
Lydia Wiederhold, Andrea Fischer, Ute Schmidt-Baumbach and Heike Höhl

RUCH energetics Stations are also  in Austria (Velden, Lake Woerth)

Angelika Scherzer EnergyPractitioner
When I was a child, my grandmother encouraged my interest in holistic herbal medicine and naturopathy. Since 2003 I have focused my work on kinesiology and classical homoeopathy. On my quest to find effective holistic healing methods, I joined the naturopathic practice of Albert H. Ruch in Velden am Woerthersee in 2011. I am so fascinated being able to treat each patient individually and to create a holistic health approach that furthers a positive attitude when I apply our method of causal research in my daily work. I am proud and happy being able to share this experience with our clients.

Now you may order your RUCH protocol set directly under


and receive an exact and reliable analysis of your health based on the new blood test!

RUCH energetics is improving the methods continuously. One drop of blood from your fingertip or earlobe is all it takes to determine the exact cause/s that makes you feel weak or ill and to provide you with a complete report of our findings.

The advantage of the RUCH Protocol is that you don‘t have to travel to any of the RUCH offices or labs.  You collect your blood specimen in the privacy of your home and mail it to our nearest lab station.  You will receive your test result as well as the RUCH Energetics drops and instructions on how to take them, all within three to seven  working days.  We can pinpoint the cause of chronic infections (e.g. in the teeth or ears) with this technique and restore natural vitality and fitness.

We are also capable of testing various bodily fluids (e.g. saliva, mucus from the nasal membranes, earwax, etc.) to provide you with an even more precise analysis when dealing with specific conditions.  Please speak with our experienced staff, if you would like to go this route.  This approach will allow us to provide you with professional advice targeted to your specific condition. 


What works for humans, works for animals as well!  The RUCH Protocol can be used to analyze and cure diseases animals are afflicted with.

The cause of chronic illness in animals is no different, as vibrations apply to all forms of beings.

We found that all animal ailments, such as chronic inflammation, allergies, joint and muscle pain, digestive disorders, etc., are caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and environmental toxins.  We can address them with the same approach we use for
human ailments.  Dysfunctions in animals may affect their performance and their behavior negatively (e.g. a show horse’s decreased performance level that became better after taking the RUCH protocol drops for a while).

Medical research shows that almost 50% of all slaughtered horses suffered from tumors of the pituitary and adrenal glands, and that 60% of show horses and 90% of all race horses suffer from gastric ulcers.  We know that horses not only have a physical body, they have as well as a meridian system and a chakra system. Permanent stress or traumatic experiences leave their marks and weaken animals and humans alike, leaving a vulnerability for pathogenic agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites...) or toxins to enter their systems.To no surprise, horses suffer from chronic ailments, nervousness, as well as physical and psychological blockages.
We can treat these conditions with our techniques and tailor our approach to your individual animal to reinstate balance with the effect of lower susceptibility to disease and injury.  Our experience shows that you can expect a 25% performance level increase.

Please contact our helpful professional staff for more information.  We will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you.


Peak performance athletes as well as amateurs can greatly benefit from the RUCH Protocol’s prevention strategy.  People who are free from all traces of harmful substances will be able to perform  at peak level and maintain this performance level. The Ruch Protocol supports radiant health.

RUCH energetic drops are not considered to be doping.

Reports of our client's history


MIgraine Headache - 27 Year-Old Female
Patient presented with complaints of migraine headaches and abdominal discomfort from the time she’s reached adolescence. The RUCH Test identified bacteria and viruses in the scars that remained after her wisdom teeth had been extracted. Notably, the scars had not healed well and were the cause of her complaints. Her hormones were also affected, leading to her abdominal discomfort
After several rounds of the RUCH protocol, the gums and jaw had healed completely, her migraine headaches diminished in frequency, and eventually disappeared. As a result, her abdominal discomfort cleared up and her hormone balance normalized.

Recommendation:  Retesting once a year to rule out and/or prevent new viral or bacterial infiltration.

Rheumatic Disease - 63 Year-Old Male
Presented with rheumatic disease he had suffered from for more than 20 years. The blood test pointed to borreliosis and viral infections. His physician had treated the borreliosis with antibiotics many years ago. Several rounds of RUCH Testing revealed and eliminated layer after layer of harmful substances (viruses, bacteria), and their metabolic toxins were found in the joints. With the RUCH Energetics tincture, tailored specifically to the patient’s condition, all harmful substances were eliminated. The patient’s pain disappeared completely.

Allergy - 43 Year-Old Female

This patient presented with sudden allergic reactions to her own animals and to spores. Medication, prescribed by her physician, did not improve her condition.
The RUCH blood test revealed that she had never overcome a childhood disease and was still carrying substances in her system that can cause the flu. As a result, her mucus membranes started swelling; animal hair/dander and spores were a contributing factor and lead to allergy symptoms.

After taking the RUCH drops tailored to her condition and several rounds of the RUCH Protocol that included retesting, the swelling of the mucous membranes subsided and her body was able to cope with the exposure to external irritants.

Food allergies/chronic colds - 5 Year-Old Male
Patient was presented with food allergies and chronic colds.  Testing his saliva and earwax revealed that a variety of viruses were weakening his immune system und causing him to suffer from colds. According to his Otolaryngologist, the findings in his ear were normal.  We then evaluated a stool specimen, which showed that the intestinal flora was compromised by bacteria, which lead to poor digestion and allergy symptoms. After a few rounds of testing and taking our drops, the gastrointestinal tract normalized, and the child was able to digest all foods. The frequency of his colds diminished as well, as we had been able to eliminate the source of his ear ailments.

Hepatitis C - 35 Year-Old Male

Patient presented with a diagnosis of Hepatitis C, severe fatigue and digestive problems.  RUCH testing confirmed the Hepatitis C virus and additional undesirable  intestinal substances that disturbed the normal flora.
After the completion of several rounds of the RUCH Protocol and individually tailored drops, the patient showed no trace of Hepatitis C any more , and all other symptoms had subsided.

Back Pain/Hypertension - 38 Year-Old Female
Patient presented with complaint of back pain and high blood pressure that she had been suffering from for the past eight years. RUCH testing revealed a cold that she had never recovered from completely, which resulted in a dysfunctional left kidney. Previous medical exams had been normal.
After several rounds of the RUCH Protocol with our RUCH Energetics drops, that were individually tailored, the kidney was able again to excrete all toxins, with the result that her back muscles were able to release undesirable deposits.  This in turn allowed her to urinate more frequently and brought her blood pressure back to a normal level.
Retesting after one year showed that this patient had remained healthy.


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