Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

What is „Healing-from-Within“ ?


We are energy. When you break the body down into smaller and smaller particles you will find that the body constists of atoms that are encircled by electrones. This movement creates vibration..

Another source of energy is the bio-electric energy when the potassium-sodium pump on every cell-wall is constantly exchanging and balancing the equilibrium of these two minerals. Energy has its own vibration.

All vibrations have to be at sync. Being alive means that we  are vibration where the energy body (aura) and the physical body constantly exchange information.



Here is my own theory about energy and healing:

Our physical body is interpenetrated by  the energy body (aura) Have you seen the photo of Kirlians leaf that he cut in half and that was still showing an intact aura?


Have  you ever heard about phantoma pain when people after an amputation feel their amputated leg as painful or itchig? Putting these informations together, I came to the conclusion that the energy body must contain the complete blueprint of the body and that  the constant flow  of energy between the physical and the energy body enables us to heal from within. So if, for instance, we cut ourselves in the finger, the body knows exactly what to do.


The constant flow of energy is vital for our health.  It is an exchange of information.


Trauma, inflammation or hyperfuction create excess energy in the body and the energy body. Hypofunction or loss of bodyparts creates lack of energy in the body and energy body.

Both conditions have a negative influence on  the flow of energy. If the disturbance is not balanced immediately the physical body falls sick. Then the missing or abundant energy has to be balanced. Alternative Medicine has a lot of remedies that balance the energies so that the body can heal itself. Acupuncture, color thearpy or foot reflexology to name only some.


With european foot reflexology the feet work like a phantastic remote control with which, from the physical level, you can assess and balance the energy on the energy level. On the feet, low energy points feel sluggish and the skin is dry, whereas hyperenergetic zones feel sharp and hard and can be very painful when touched. With european foot reflexology you balance by  stimulating where there is lack and by sedating where there is excess of energy. Thus you enable the body and the energy body to re-connect, information gets exchanged and healing can take place.


In european foot reflexology you discern three conditions:

The normal energy zone.

This zone indicates that nothing is wrong and it shows it by creating a reaction pulse.

The hyper-energy zone

has too much energy which relates to inflammation, trauma or hyperfunction. To balance this disturbance the zone gets sedated until the reaction pulse arises (indicating that the normal condition is reached on the energy level)


The hypo-energy zone has not enough energy and relates to hypofunction or loss of body parts (eg missing tooth or appendix)  To balance that condition the zone gets stimulated by thumbwalking or circular motion (adding kinetic energy) When the zone is not painful any more softly holding the spot lets you feel the reaction pulse.


So, the reaction pulse indicates that the energy is balanced.

Does this mean that the client is healed now? 


It only indicates that the bodys physical-energetic communication is re-installed and that the body is working on healing itself. This can happen within seconds or - after a healing crisis -  some time later. In most cases the balancing sessions have to be repeated to give new impulses to the „healing-from-within“  process.


I work with this principle since 40 years now and always found it true. I also came to the humble conclusion that it is not me who is healing a client, but that it is the client healing him/herself by using the own  innate healing power.

Kapolei, June 2017