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Healing Stones

Healing Stones are healing remedies that were long forgotten. Now people remember, that famous healers, like Hildegard von Bingen, was treating diseases especially with  selected healing gemstones

There are traditional indications for Healing Stones as medicine.

They were used for particular conditions.

These healing gemstones should be carried pure (without setting), so that they lay directly on the sternum, or they should lay under the pillow.

Gemstones have to  be regenerated after certain times of use.

Every Gemstone, that was carried upon the skin, should be cleansed in running cold water once a day.

After cleansing the Gemstone should be re-charged. Every Gemstone has its own rule how to re-charge it. There are some,  that need the sunlight, whereas others need the moonlight or the vibration or strength of another stone.

Sometimes it is helpful to use several different healing stones at the same time, if there are more than one health conditions involved

Healing Stones Therapy can result in  immediate response or the healing can take longer, while the healing energy of the stone is working on the respective part of the body.

Healing Stone Therapy is working with vibration  Every sick body has a certain vibration. If the healing frequency or vibration of the healing stone is interfering with the disturbed energy of the sick body, than this can give the first impulse for a healing.

This also explains, that healing stones, like the rock crystal, for example,  can improve the energy of rooms, if it is placed on the right spot.