Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

ARNICA  Arnica Montana

This yellow, fuzzy,  strong smelling mountain flower is one of the most important healing plants, that is growing in the German and Austrian Alps. This plant has been mentioned in ancient tales  as one of the mystic herbs. Today Arnica is used mainly in  homeopathic solution or as tincture.

When there are injuries, bruises, contusions, swelling or concussion, a  poultice with diluted Arnica tincture is an effective remedy. It can also be tried to fight headaches. Fresh injuries, that sometimes happen on a hiking tour in the mountains, can be addressed with the poultice of crushed arnica leaves, as they are triggering immediate and fast relief and healing without side effects.

Arnica tea should be avoided by blonde or red haired people, as they often react with allergies. It's recommended to add a small amount of dried arnica blossoms to any other herb tea, like hawthorn or coltsfoot tea, or mistletoe extract, to test the effect.
Generally it is safer to use the

It takes fresh plucked arnica blossoms, that have been freed of possible bugs like (German:  "Bohrfliege")  and 50 % clear schnapps or 75 % grape-essence. First the fresh blossoms are filled into a  glass jar until it is full, then the blossoms are soaked with hard liquor. This mixture should be left with a closed lid for 2-3 weeks at a sunny place. From time to time the glass should be shaken well. After the 2 or 3 weeks the thus generated arnica tincture will be strained and filled into a brown glass bottle.

Internal use: This is a good heart and circulation remedy. 3 times a day 5 drops.

External use: on all kind of bruises Arnica tincture diluted (1 tablespoon on half a pint of boiling and cooled off water) as poultice

One glass jar with a screw cap, filled with fresh plucked arnica blossoms gets filled up with sunflower oil. After 3-4 weeks on a sunny spot, the Arnica oil may be filtered through a gauze or other cloth strainer. This oil can be used alone or in mixture with St John's Worth Oil,  Primrose Oil or Calendula Oil and works well as massage oil or as skin care.

By the way....
Whoever feels the arnica is too strong, might rather take calendula or comfrey oil or tincture.

While studying naturopathy, one of the first things I learned in homeopathy was, that Arnica in the potency X 60 is the most effective remedy for headaches after longtime past concussions. In the 33 years of practice I had some real impressive successes with giving this remedy, whenever I learned of a past concussion and ongoing headaches.

Whatever is good for humans is good for animals as well. When they have injuries or wounds,  they may be washed out  with diluted arnica tincture, and in case of pain in the joints  there can be applied a poultice.

Anyone, who wants to have Arnica in their own garden, should find a sunny spot, put peat on a sandy soil and let it grow there.