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In this chapter you will get information  to a small selection of  Healing Scents that I used as Aromatherapy a lot. So the effects described herein are my own experiences from 33 years of practice.

Aromatherapy - Healing Scents

Aromatherapy is a very old therapy

Did you read Patrick Süßkinds "Perfume" ? This book decribes in  a gruesome manner, what incredible effects scents have on peoples mind.

There are a lot of fairy tales, that hint, that the use of seducing and intriguing scents have been common use  in ancient times.

The perfume industry is making millions because people love to endulge lavishly  in pleasant scents

Perfumes or scents are gained from  different sources

We  distinguish animal and plant scents.

Animal: Musk is the most common animal scent

            It is gained from the sexual glands of the musk taurus

            It is mainly added to heavy perfumes and is said to have  

            distictive aphrodisiac effects

            same can be said about Ambergris, a secret of the Whale


The largest section of etheric oils are made from plants.

There are etheric oils made from

Blossoms - like Roses, Yasmin or Lavender

Roots      - like Angelica or Kalmus

Leaves     - like Thyme, Melissa or Sage

Wood      - like Sandal, Cedar or Rosewood

Fruits      - like Anise, Cummin, or Coriander (Cilantro)

Barks      - like Vanilla, Cinnamon

Resins     - like Frankincense,  or Myrrh

There are volatile scents that won't last long and scents that are noticeable for days. Aromatherapy goes via the olfactory organs directly into the brain and thus into the sub-conscious. That is why memories are often linked to certain scents