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BEARS GARLIC  Allium ursinum                 

Bears Garlic was an important plant in all mythologies of the ancient Germans and Indians. The relation to bear means, that it is a vigor  and fertility enhancing herb. The leaves of Bears garlic resemble the poisonous lily of the valley. Yet the leaves of bears garlic may easily identified with their distinctive garlic smell. Bears Garlic leaves are harvested from March through May at its favorite shady spots in the woods


Eating a handful of fresh leaves  each day for 4-6 weeks, cleanses the stomach, the GI tract and the blood.

Dried Bears Garlic leaves are detoxifying, as its sulfur molecules are absorbing environmental toxins. In the aftermath of antibiotic or sulfonamide treatments the re-installation of the intestinal flora is vital. It can easily be done with bears garlic. Bears garlic may also be taken as preventive medicine when traveling, because it keeps the intestinal flora intact and thus leaves no room for harmful bacteria. Bears Garlic, taken on a regular basis, is a good prophylaxis of clogged  arteries or high blood pressure.


Bears Garlic tincture is a good alternative for those, who rather take their medications in liquid form.

It takes fresh or dried bears garlic leaves, and 45 % clear schnapps . First the leaves are filled into a  glass jar until it is full, then the then they  are soaked with the hard liquor. This mixture should be left with a closed lid for 3 weeks at a sunny place. From time to time the glass should be shaken well. After the 3 weeks the thus generated bears garlic tincture will be strained and filled into a brown glass bottle.

3x20 drops before meals help digestion

who suffers from arteriosclerosis should take 10 drops before bed time.

If you think to make the tincture is too much work, you may also buy your bears garlic drops as "tintura madre" at your drugstore or your health food store.

Mycotic infections of the intestinal tract can be addressed best with bears garlic granules.

Bear garlic as food is used in the same way as garlic.
You should be aware that it makes no difference whether you eat garlic or bears garlic - you'll develop the same particular odor....

Bear garlic vegetable:

To the onions sauted in butter until they are brown brown, you add fresh cut bears garlic leaves and let them soften in the heat. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve with sour cream. This goes well with potatoes and fish.

or how about a different style of
Zaziki, a traditional Greek dish

Strain liquid of 6 cups of yogurt,  add one diced dill pickle, 1 tablespoon of wedged dill and one crushed garlic toe, then add a big cup of finely cut bears garlic leaves, a dash of white pepper and a hunch of salt plus a fine grated cucumber and 1 tablespoon of good olive oil. Mix and let sit for 2 hours and serve cold.

 Whatever is good for humans is good for animals as well.
As Bears Garlic has a strong cleansing effect on the blood ,  it helps with all intestinal diseases. If you mix crushed bears garlic in the animals food, horses or cows develop an offensive evaporation through the skin and are thus are less bothered by insects

You may plant Bears Garlic in your garden, but beware that it needs 14 months of germination. Who does not want to wait that long , could (hopefully) buy young plants in any garden center. Bears garlic needs a shady place and a soil rich in humus