Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

Famous European Healers

There are a lot of famous European Healers who have come to a better understanding of diseases and their treatments

Hippokrates, the famous Greek doctor to whom we relate the "Oath of Hippocrates" - the basic ethics of the medical profession.

Paracelsus. Another one of the  famous medicine men of the past is Bombastus (Theophrast)  von Hohenheim later aka Paracelsus He pointed out that the persons illness has to be seen in a context. He is famous for the phrase, that

"everything is poison, it depends on the dose"

Hildegard von Bingen is very famous for her books about how to heal different ailments. Her recipes are now experiencing a real renaissance in Germany.

Samuel Hahnemann is known as the "inventor" of Homeopathy

Then there is Pfarrer Kneipp, who found that water is strong healing agent, if used wisely

Priessnitz and Felke also found out that water or  poultices of mud  help regain health