Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

european foot reflexology

NEW....with New Zones, Reaction Pulse and Master Points

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or write:  umeyerhof@gmail.com


Seminars are available for Hawaii 
and California

Seminar hours
Friday       5 pm - 9 pm

Saturday  9 am - 5pm

Sunday    10am - 6pm

20 hours

Plus 6 followup hours of meeting either in person

or online via skype : natschoolhawaii

to discuss your skills

Everyone who has attended a european foot reflexology seminar

since 2013

is entitled to take part in all following seminars as an intern at cost ($50.--)

Tuition: $ 1,500.- must be paid latest before seminar starts

Every participant  gets a certification, book and chart

CEUs are available

Tuition is tax deductible for health care professionals

Seminar tuition does not include travel or accomodation expenses.

My new book on european foot reflexology

will be available again soon.

In the meantime you get the pdf version of the first edition and a raincheck for the second edition

It describes very clear

how you can  use

european foot reflexology

in a  safe, gentle and sustainable way

What is NEW?

I tell all about my Theory

Why foot reflexology works


The new techniqe of

european foot reflexology

enables you

*to find the right dose in the application using the reaction pulse"

*to use Master Points for more sustainability

*to work on the inner and outer bladder sphincter

*to work via the reflex zones on the tear channels

*to enable the body to empty benign cysts in ovaries or breasts

*to enable the body to balance hormones

*to address hands and lower arm-problems via the feet

to optimize circulation

to cure inner ear vertigo

to regulate vegetative dysfunctions

to eliminate  whiplash syndrome symptoms  successfully

to enable the body to empty diverticles in the large intestine

to dissolve tension spiral patterns on the muscles of the back

to assess the cause of illness and go from there.....

and much more ...

Information on all the techniques marked with *

are worldwide only available in  seminars

through Naturopathic School of Hawaii

All new techniques were developped by Ulla Meyerhof

and are taught exclusively by

Naturopathic School of Hawaii.

The method is copywrited