Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods


Asparagus is a strong diuretic and washes uric acid out of the cells and into the system. That is why sometimes people with rheumatic diseases feel worse after having asparagus.


Normally a cucumber is considered ripe, when it‘s color has turned to yellow. Those who have them in their garden should wait till they are ripe....
Cucumber juice helps loose weight and is good against rheumatic  pain because it is diuretic and dissolves acids.
A good helper against „tired eyes“: Put some slices of cucumber on the closed eyes. Cucumber slices on the skin help clear the skin. If this effect is wanted more profound, cucumber juice and a little bit of flour make a fantastic skin mask for greasy skin.
Dried cucumber pits eaten raw or cooked as a tea help kidney and bladder.


is a good tasting vegetable and an excellent remedy
Fresh pressed carrot juice in the morning before breakfast helps  prevent heartburn and  reduces the hyperacidity of the stomach.
Fresh carrot juice, dapped on the skin after sunbathe helps keep the moisture and the tan...
Carrots improve the metabolism and help against  strong smelling winds
A good cure for the GI tract: equal parts of carrots and potatoes (peeled and raw) are cooked in vegetable broth until they are soft.  After blending this soup can be spiced to taste of eaten as is. Suits excellent after fasting .


Pumpkins are know as a good supplier of lecithin (brain food) and  acidum salicylicum (painkiller)
To loose weight there is nothing better than pumpkin. It fills the stomach with little calories and works diuretic in the same way.
People with kidney problems should have one helping of pumpkin mixed in equal parts with tomato and onion, this helps to get rid of uric acid.
Men can prevent an enlargement of the prostate gland by nibbling pumpkin seeds every day (at least one hand full)
No more burning feet if raw pumpkin is sliced and put  on the soles as a poultice.
80-100 pumpkin seeds and afterwards 1 tablespoon full of coster oil are a proven remedy against tapeworm. children take only 10-15 pumpkin seeds and 1 teaspoon full of the coster oil to have the same effect.

Another tapeworm cure is:
200 gram (= 0.44 lbs) of smashed pumpkin seeds mix with 100 gram (= 0.22lbs) of honey are eaten all at once. Then drink  as a strong digestive 1 tablespoon full of Magnesium sulfuricum mixed in one glass of water  - don‘t leave the house, the effect is amazing....

Red beets

Red beet is known as a cancer cure, recommended by the Austrian healer Breuss. As a matter of fact red beets contain  a lot of  dextrogyrate lactic acid, that is said to help against cancerous cells. Red beet is a good source of vitamins (A, B and C) and minerals. As a naturopathic remedy red beet is used only raw.
A good recipe that even helps overcome anorexia if taken on a daily basis:
Grate raw red beet (1 ball) sprinkle flax seed oil over the beet and add some sour cream and fresh or frozen dill. Spices to taste may be added. In the German stores „Cenofix“ is a very good spice that goes well with this mixture.


Celery is diuretic, clearing the stomach and  it‘s also said to be aphrodisiac.
For circulation problems and weak nerves take the juice of  the celery ball, leaves and stems.
3 tablespoons per day.
A tea of celery prevents kidney stones. The same tea also suits best as a anti dandruff remedy. Just take the celery tea as a last rinse...


The potato is a good source for vitamin C and  potassium.
A great cure for heartburn and over-acidy stomach is the potato juice: Take the juice of a medium size raw and peeled potato  tea- spoon wise first thing in the morning. It also prevents the build-up of new excess acid and thus cures that condition within 6 weeks. This is by itself astonishing, as the potatoe itself, when tested raw, is acetic. I believe, that the buffer effect makes that effect and thus  normalizes the over acididity in the stomach.

Arne Waerland, the founder of Waerland Diet  recommends to drink 4 pints of the cooking water of peeled potatoes daily to get rid of uric acid and gout. Potatoes as part of  the diet are excellent dissolvers of uric acid.

Warm (not hot!!! Danger to scald!!!) potatoes make a great poultice for any kind of heat application. This can be bronchi, joints, back, bladder... There is only one rule that has to be observed: Never put a warm or hot poultice on a hot inflamed  spot...

To soothe the GI tract during  diarrhea,  it is good to eat the potato carrot soup as described in the section:  „Carrots“

On scalded areas the poultice of raw, minced potatoes helps taking the heat.


Cabbage leaves extract  „toxic“waste  from  joints, veins, wounds and wherever the body should have some support to get rid of stuff. For poultices the cabbage leaves get the „ribs“ cut out then they get battered to soften and then they are put on the needed area. Fix with an elastic band. Cabbage poultices may be tried for headaches, toothache, neuralgic pain, Bronchitis, and every condition that needs extraction of waste.
A cabbage juice cure for stomach and duodenal ulcers: Take every day 1 to 2 pints of  pressed cabbage juice with a spoon. If there are bloating too, drink the tea of caraway and chamomile.  Works within six weeks.
Cooked cabbage is a good remedy against constipation. Add caraway to prevent bloating.
„Sauerkraut“ a German specialty is high in vitamin C (it was used as a safe source of vitamin C in long sea journeys in former times) The juice of the Sauerkraut works well against constipation and builds up the bacteria flora in the GI tract.
Everybody is able to make their own Sauerkraut:
Cut white cabbage into thin slices, Put a layer of about 1 inch into a earthen pot. Then add juniper berries, grain of mustard, coriander and a little bit of salt, then comes a layer of 1/3 inch of sliced onions, then repeat the layers, cabbage, spices, onions until the pot is full. Cover well with bread paper, put a weight on the paper (stone) and let ferment. It should not be below  72 degree to support the fermentation process.