Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods



The leaves of the black currant make an excellent tea against diarrhea and whooping cough and Pseudo-Krupp. The lukewarm juice of red currant helps for throat aches. The juice of the black currant mixed with spirit of wine (equal parts) is a good remedy against colic. Eating currant, be it red or black or white is tonifying the kidney and bladder.

Blue berries

The best proven remedy against diarrhea is the KOMPOTT of blueberries blended with carob flour
several helpings throughout the day. Blueberries mixed in equal parts with honey have the same effect.

Elder berries

A good remedy to get the temperature down when someone has fever:
Put red elderberries in a pot  just cover them  with water. Bring to boil and let simmer for 3-5 minutes. Smash the berries and press through a strainer. Mix this juice with 5 tablespoons full of sugar and fill into bottles and close immediately. Can be stored easily as long the bottle is not opened. I have seen fever disappear within minutes when elder berry beverage had been given.

Juniper berries

Are a good remedy to normalize the water metabolism.
A handfull of Junioer berries cooked in tea or soup is a soft and save remedy to eliminate excess water. Juniper berries are next to bay leaves the main spice in Sauerkraut.