Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods


A salt rub according to Pastor Heberle, a famous Swiss monk, is a potent therapy to promote circulation. It is recommended for rheuma to first vigorously rub the body with olive oil and, subsequently, with salt. It is said that it helps alleviate the symptoms better than any ointment...

Salt-water as an eye bath: Submerge the face into lukewarm, lightly salted water. It should taste like tears to be right. When the face dips into the water blink with the eyes 5-10 times (depends on how long you can stay without breathing) The saltwater clears the eyes. Some of my patients reported that their vision was better after a while doing that.

Salt-water for the sinuses: Submerge the face in lukewarm slightly salted water (same as for the eye bath), breathe the brine (saline solution) up the nose and blow it out into a prepared cloth. Repeat several times. It really clears the maxillary and frontal sinuses.

You can also use a Yala-Neti or a LOTA NOse douche to get the water into the sinusses. (see www.lota.de)

Salt-water gargling: The relieve the symptoms of a sore throat  prepare a saline solution by putting 1 teaspoon full of salt into a glass of warm water. Gargle well and spit out. It clears the throat and helps healing. 


Don't swallow ths saline, because the salt content is too high for drinking pupose.

Spraying saline solution into each nostril before sleeping helps sometimes prevent snoring

Tendonitis becomes better if you bath the afflicted tendons in lukewarm saltwater. Salt content for this can be higher.

Full bath with 1-2 cups of sea salt helps with (nearly) all skin diseases. With neurodermitis after the salt-water bath some minutes in a sun booth (or in the natural sun) improve the results of this therapy.
Sea salt baths, used as a cure  help with hypo thyroid conditions and affiliated obesity.

Salt wraps are the less expensive alternatives to sea salt bathes.

When children suffer from diarrhea, their parents should give them salt sticks and Coke. It prevents drying out and keeps the circulation going.


If this condition does not subside within some hours and or the child shows signs of drying out you  should see a  doctor or go to the Emergency Room of your Hospital. Exsiccation is life threatening for small children.