Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods



Apples are good source for vitamins and minerals. Apples clear the blood and help prevent gout and arteriosclerosis. Apple helps for diarrhea as well as for constipation. To fight diarrhea the apple gets peeled and minced, constipation is treated with the minced apple with the skin left on. Apple absorbs intestinal toxins and stops the growth of harmful bacteria.
Hoarseness can be treated with a baked apple and honey.
There is a good detox-recipe from Austria:
Drink in the morning the lukewarm juice of  an apple  blended with the juice of half a lemon
At noon drink the tea of apple skins with honey and
in the evening  drink as much apple juice as you like.
You may eat as many apples as you like and have one bowl with apple sauce and honey at bedtime.


It‘s hardly known, that cherries make an excellent naturopathic remedy. They have no fat and protein and thus they suit well as a detoxify and slim down remedy. Cherry juice is helpful for people with fever (children love it) It strengthens the heart and lowers the temperature. The cherries should be pressed freshly.
The core of the cherry-stone atomized and blended with vine is said to be a great remedy against urinary gravel.
A weak lung gets treated with a cherry blossom tea. For that tea take one handful of cherry blossoms, put them into 2 pints of cold water and bring to boil. Add honey to taste.

The tea of cherry stones helps fight bronchitis and the tea of the dried Cherry bark cures gout.


Put lemon juice on sun burnt skin - it soothes the pain and helps the healing
Rough skin on the heel or on the elbow get  treated first with lemon and then cold cream.
In former times women dabbed their skin with lemon juice to prevent freckles.