Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods



Barley water helps against fever:  2 ounces of barley are cooked in 4 pints of water until half of the liquid is vaporized. Then honey and lemon to taste is added. (People suffering from diabetes should take fructose instead of honey.

The regular intake of buckwheat lowers high blood pressure and has some good effect on the elasticity of blood vessels.


Is really as healthy as we were always told it is....
Eating oats on a regular basis is a good prevention of pancreas diseases
Gruel is the classic diet for stomach and duodenal ulcers. The ulcers heal much faster. But caution: Never urge someone with an ulcer to eat gruel if they don‘t like it. The despise of the gruel would create an additional portion of stomach acid and that would aggravate all the symptoms...

To regain strength after long illness: Oat drink: 1/2 a gallon of oats is washed 10 times and then cooked in 3/4 of a gallon of water until half of the liquid is vaporized. Then add honey to taste (People suffering from diabetes should take fructose instead of honey.)Drink sip by sip every day until strength is back.

German wheat (spelt)  Wheat Bran

To alleviate symptoms of swelling and inflammations spelt should be put into a linen cover and heated in the oven. 

Cooked spelt is a good remedy against constipation.

If put into cold water before cooking it is faster done.


Rice is an excellent diuretic. Cook rice without salt and mix with a grated apple. It is a very soft working remedy also for heart diseases.

Bread drink

from the drugstore helps for digestion and the build-up of intestinal bacteria.

Rejuvenate    a recipe from the USA

put raw wheat  into a high glass and rinse with cold water. Let sit and sprout in a dark location (oven) Rinse with water once a day, strain and put it back to the dark location. After 3-4 days you see little sprouts. Then fill water  into the glass and let sit at room temperature. It ferments to a refreshing juice that tastes a little bit like cider. Rejuvenate is good for digestion.