Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods



The best thing to use, when you have insect bites : Cut a raw onion and rub it on the itchy skin. It subsides immediately.  Don‘t get it near the eyes!

Put diced onions into a cotton-cloth and lay beneath the ear when you want to fight earaches.

Onion poultice on both feet in case of fever and onion poultice on the calves in case of heart problems helps  to get rid of these nasty symptoms.

Hot onion poultices on the chest have the same effect like potato poultices. It fight bronchitis. The hot onion poultice is also the remedy of choice if boils don't open up.

If you put a fresh cut onion on the night stand, it helps you against  a running nose.
Another remedy for the running nose as well as for burning sensations in the bladder (especially with little children) is making a homeopathic remedy from the onion: There you slice one very thin slice of an onion and dip it for a second into a glass with  warm water. This homeopathic onion is supposed to be taken every hour 1 teaspoon full.
A good cough remedy is to put onions and honey at equal parts into a jar and let sit for 24 hours. Then strain it and use during the day.
You can also use Onions and rock sugar. You put layer after layer and let it sit until the rock sugar dissolved. Works great on dry cough.

Another cough remedy is onion syrup: Cut a large onion into slices and cook with 2 tablespoons rock sugar to be a syrup. Take 1 teaspoon full every hour

If you cook onions with water and honey it works diuretic

If you experience heavy puffy legs you might try this:
Mix 1 pint of water with 1 pint of vine, add 4 diced onions and 1 teaspoon full of rosemary ground. Cook this mixture for five minutes, strain it and drink 3 cups a day.

Cook milk with onions and take it slowly. It helps against stomach cramps.

Wounds that don‘t want to heal get a layer of onion-skin (the one between the layers) The contents of it helps  disinfecting and healing.


If you dap garlic juice into the ear, it helps against ear-aches.
If you dab garlic juice on athletes foot (mycosis), it helps that this condition disappears.
If you put a thin slice of garlic between an aching tooth and the inside of the cheek, it takes the tooth-ache for a short time (...but it does not replace your dentist)

It‘s said, that drinking milk cooked with garlic helps prevent bad smelling feet. But the author is not sure, whether you won‘t replace the bad with the worse, as then the whole body smells from garlic... But garlic milk  can heal stubborn sciatic pain, if you drink it long enough and only when it was caused by poor metabolism.
Pressed garlic mixed with raw milk (other recipes tell us to cook this mixture) help against intestinal worms in children.

Eating garlic on a regular basis prevents heart and circulation problems....
From my time in the US I learned about the „Liver Flush“: Mince and mix and drink immediately:
1 Grapefruit, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 Garlic toes
Does very well - but after some days you should move to a lone island.... or make your companions drink this mixture as well...

Eating one raw garlic toe every day  helps  to obtain a good digestion and disinfects stomach and intestinal tract.

A good remedy against clogged arteries is:
5 minced garlic toes, 2 teaspoon hawthorn and 1 teaspoon  horsetail put together with 1 pint of cold water on the stove. Heat to boil for 20 minutes. Drink this mixture in the course of the day.

A do-it-yourself remedy to make garlic - tincture:
peel 40-50 garlic toes and put them into a glass bottle, add  2 pints drinking alcohol (  at least 40- 50 %  ) and let this mixture sit in the sun for at least 14 days. Take 10 drops of this mixture an hour before every meal. It helps the GI-tract prepare for the meal. This is very vital for the elderly people suffering from digestion problems.

Cayenne Pepper

may be tried in cases of stomach aches. One knife tip full of Cayenne pepper dissolved in a glass of warm water. One dose daily only!


Horseradish  is very highly antibiotic and helps for all kinds of colds. Those who feel horseradish is too strong in taste, may mix it with honey (50:50) and take it for example as a cough remedy.

Fresh ground horseradish helps immediately if it is put on a fresh insect bite. But be sure that the sting has been extracted.

In cases of headache you may try fresh ground horseradish as a poultice on the neck.

Horseradish tincture is a natural antibiotic remedy:
1 part fresh ground horseradish and 1 part drinking alcohol. Mix and let sit at a warm place for 1 hour. Then sieve and press to obtain the tincture. Put this tincture onto bad healing wounds helps healing.

Horseradish cough syrup:
Mix 4 ounces  fresh ground horseradish with  4 ounces of honey. After letting it sit for 1/2 an hour take away the juice and press the horseradish. Put this syrup aside and cook the horseradish with 8 ounces of cane sugar and a pint of water until it is reduced to the half. Mix both syrups and take this mixture as an effective cough medicine.

Radish or Daikon

Black radishes is a good remedy for the liver. But be cautious to take not too much, as the substance may irritate the mucosa of the stomach. Some slices a day  help the liver and gallbladder work better.

For whooping cough may be tried the following recipe:
Mince radish and mix with sugar (equal parts) take the juice as cough remedy.


It is an old „Tramper“ secret: Clover or clover oil helps against toothache. Don‘t omit to go to the dentist, it does not heal the tooth....


may be used as tea as a diuretic and nerve-strengthening remedy. Cook Rosemary needles for at least 15 minutes and strain. The Heart Vine by St Hildegard v Bingen contains Rosemary as well. You find it under „Parsley“

Winter savory

Winter savory  helps against bloating. It should be used when beans are cooked to prevent the typical reaction. If you cook winter savory together with hyssop it makes a fine remedy against low blood pressure.


Smashed basil leaves help against the pain of insect bites and help faster healing. As a tea basilhas been used since ages against headache, low blood pressure and weak nerves.


Caraway seeds make a good tea against bloating, stomach ache, colic pain and urge to vomit.

In case of stomach problems, as a last resort when everything else fails to help: CA--WA-PO-FLAX
2 pints of water are cooked for 10 Minutes with 1 teaspoon full of caraway, one peeled raw and diced potato, 1 teaspoon full of flax-seed Strain and drink lukewarm.

Nursing moms help their babies bloating when they drink caraway tea by themselves.
2 teaspoons of caraway  brewed with boiling water, let sit for 5 minutes,strain and drink  2-3 cups a day . Who does not like the taste of caraway may blend with anis or fennel, or chew the raw caraway seeds.
Caraway oil (from the healthcare provider) may be used as well as tea tree oil or marjoram oil to treat colds. It is applied on the back and the chest and covered with a warm cloth.
People with an Intestinal inflammation (Colitis)  should try butter, egg yolk,onion juice and crushed caraway 6-8 teaspoons a day. Prepare fresh every day.

As caraway is able to loosen cramps it may be tried on menstruation cramps as well


Lovage as a tea is diuretic, good for digestion and help the appetite.
For fermentative dyspepsia (non smelling winds) one may use lovage either as a spice with all meals or it can be cooked as a tea.


Chervil in combination with dandelion is a well proven spring cure. It‘s very diuretic and blood thinning.


Cress lowers blood sugar and is a  renomated disinfectant for the mouth, throat and GI tract.
A tendency to eczema becomes less if cress is taken on a daily basis.


Dill warms the GI tract and is applicable for any kind of cold in the intestinal tract. Dill also is part of the milk driving tea for nursing mothers.


Leek works in the same way as garlic, jives and  bear‘s garlic.
Used as a vegetable or spice it‘s effect is parasite expellent. The blood vessels remain more elastic if leek is consumed


Parsley is diuretic, blood building and promotes digestion.
They say that butter mixed with parsley could prevent the „smell“ after garlic was eaten.

Heart Vine acc. to St Hildegard of Bingen:
10 Parsley (stems and leaves) are cooked in 1 liter (App 2 pints) of good vine. Add 1-2 tablespoons vine vinegar and cook for 10 minutes. Mix 1 glass of good honey (250 g= 0.55 lbs) into the still hot liquid. Boil for some seconds and strain. Take a little glass (app. 2-3 tablespoons) three times a day. This Heart vine is good against  low blood pressure and works cardiotonic.


Marjoram is a spice, that, cooked as a tea, works diuretic and digestant
Marjoram oil mixed with olive- or almond oil (5 drops of marjoram oil with 1 tablespoon of almond- or olive oil) helps against bronchitis when this mixture is rubbed on back and chest (teatree oil may be added as well . (10 drops)


Thyme is the tea when it comes to treat cough on a natural basis. It also may be used as a disinfectant for mouth and throat rinsing and gargling.