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We all did this right, when we burnt or scalded our hands. We rushed to the next faucet and cooled the skin under running cold water. This stops the damage and helps prevent blisters. There are tons of books out there - especially in Europe - about water therapies. The best known is about „Pfarrer Kneipp“ a German priest, who „invented“ the so-called Kneipp Therapy  in the early years of this century.  There is also a movie telling his story. When Sebastian Kneipp was in his early twenties, he had contracted tuberculosis - a deadly lung disease. When he was praying for help, he  came across a book about a water therapy. Desperate as he was, he tried it at once. Dived and swam every day (also in wintertime!) for some minutes in river Danube and - got well. Later he passed this knowledge on and refined the „Kneipp Therapy“. In Bad Woerishofen, Germany (Bavaria) he worked as a naturopathic layman doctor , much to the dismay of the accredited doctors and authorities (including his bishop) But word spread out that he could heal the people with his water cures and they came flocking to his place till he died. Today there is a huge „Pfarrer Kneipp“ industry going. Cure places offering Kneipp treatments all over Bavaria... That‘s how it goes with everything new and unscientifically effective: First they ridicule it, then they fight it and then they adopt it and put some rigid rules on it....
As this booklet is too small to describe the whole volume of his recommendations, I recommend that you read  „My water Cure“ or „My will - a legacy to the healthy and the sick“ or „Thus shalt  Thou live“ all written by Pfarrer Kneipp himself.Bedides from the large number of his water applications, there are still other cures out there. Ever heard of „ascending bath?“ Ascending relates to the temperature. No matter whether it is an arm- foot- or full bath, you start with lukewarm water and add that long hot water until it is just bearable (don‘t overdo!) The ascending arm bath is highly recommended with beginning colds, as the mucous skin of the nose gets as a reflex better circulated and the cold is stopped before the beginning... Ascending lower body baths are recommended for bladder, womb or kidney problems, where there it is important to get warm. The ascending full bath (eventually „spiced“ with a cup of sea salt) is another fine home remedy to fight colds - as long there is no fever yet. With fever anything that heats up should be avoided. After such a bath wrapping in a warm bath towel and go to bed and sweat the stuff out - that boosts the immune system. One restriction: Applications where hot water is involved, should only be done by people with healthy heart and circulatory system. If rapid heartbeat occurs, get out of the water, splash some cool water over the body and lay down and rest. People with high blood pressure should  not go too high with the temperature.  A real good thing, if the morning daze won‘t go away, are the „splashes“ in accordance to Pfarrer Kneipp. After a warm shower you should have cold water splashed first over the right leg, then the left leg, then right and left arm up to the shoulder then the front and the back. After that the circulation works and you feel fresh. This simple cure has helped so many people who could not get started in the morning or who suffered from cold hand and feet. Everything you should know about salt bath, you‘ll find in the chapter about Salt


After tonsillectomy or other throat surgeries they give you some ice cream to keep the swelling down. If you sprained your ankle you can put ice packs on it - if   you are the so-called C-Type (C stands for cold) who tolerates it. A so-called W-type (w= warm) can‘t have these cold packs.

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