Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods


Thistle Oil

Take thistle oil internally before every meal 1 teaspoon full when you are constipated. It also detoxifies the liver.

Flax seed oil

Eat it once a month with potatoes and you won‘t see the doctor in your house (saying in northern Germany)
Flax Seed Oil is good for the liver (1 tablespoon full every once in a while)

Olive oil

For external use, olive oil is the best medium to sleuth herbal substances like of the St Johns Wort into the body. But also as a pure substance, olive oil is something that helps us to stay healthy. Pastor Heberle, the Swiss monk, describes olive oil rubs as a good auxiliary remedy to find the diagnosis. For that reason the whole body gets a rub with olive oil first and then a vigorous rub with salt. Wherever in the body is something wrong, it will show as red spots on the skin. It also helps as a remedy for rheumatic diseases.
Olive oil in the bathtub makes a beautiful skin - and an ugly bathtub... But whenever you try 1 cup of St Johns Worth Oil in a bath (soak in it for 20 minutes) , you won‘t mind the cleaning procedure afterwards. You will feel completely relaxed and the skin will be very soft. Don't use soap on oil baths - it‘s counteractive. The other way to use olive oil  in the bath is to add some scent drops (pure rose oil, or lavender oil for instance - go and pick it with your nose at the health food store) For 1 cup of olive oil you need 20 drops of scent oil. You may read more about it in the chapter about aromatherapy...
For an earache you may drip a little bit of lukewarm olive oil or St Johns Worth oil into the ear and close with a cotton.

Sunflower Oil

The most important oil application is the mouth-wash with sunflower oil. Every morning, before breakfast, you take a mouthful of sunflower oil  and move the oil in the mouth and draw it through the teeth. Don‘t swallow the oil (it discolors to be white after some minutes) as it contains all the toxins you want to get rid off. This procedure also helps to get rid of gingivitis and bleeding gums.

Castor oil

Even with alopecia areata  (loss of hair) castor oil is a pretty powerful remedy. Every 2-3 nights you rub castor oil on the scalp and cover. In the morning wash with baby shampoo and rinse with lukewarm stinging nettle tea as a last rinse. (drink stinging nettle tea as well during the day)

If you brush castor oil on the eyelashes, it promotes their growth

Pumpkin oil

Pumpkin oil is a fine skin remedy, when the skin has been damaged either by heat or cold.

Almond oil

Almond oil makes a good skin conditioner. You may add some nice scent (rose or jasmine or whatever you like best) and have the best skin care you can think of.

Some drops of almond oil rubbed between your palms and then brushed on to the hair tips helps for dry hair tips.