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Honey is natures best  naturopathic remedy - and a real good one to take, too Did you know, that it takes 2000 bees to collect the whole summer to produce 1 pound of honey?

The taste of honey relates strongly where and when the bees collected the pollen. There is a spring honey as well as a summer honey. We differ between pine-.honey, akacia-honey and much more. The best honey is the one that is gained by centrifugation without any application of heat. Honey  has always healing qualities, no matter whether it is solid or liquid or where it comes from, as long as it is not artificially treated. Another thing that makes the honey loose it‘s healing properties is, to heat it to more than 106 ° F.

When harvested, honey has to be ripe. If it is taken out of the bee house too early, it contains too much water, will loose its fine scent very fast, start fermenting and become inedible. Ripe honey has a lot of formic acid - that is especially important if you want to use honey‘s antibacterial property.

If you want to test by yourself, whether you got the right  honey , that does not contain too much water, then you should put one drop of honey on a clean glass plate. If starts running right away, it contains water. If it sticks as a little ball it‘s just right.

The best way to buy the natural  product is from the  bee-keeper himself.

Beware of artificial honey, it does not at all provide what you may expect from the real stuff.

Honey as a naturopathic remedy is diluting, healing, wound cleansing and vigorating.

There is honey cure that can be tried by everyone who has a heart condition or who might not regain former strength after a long illness.
For 10 weeks you should take 3 times a day, always one hour before meals 1/2 a cup of herb tea (Chamomile and Yarrow: 1/2 a teaspoon per helping) with the following dosage of honey:

1st week                       1/2  a teaspoon full of honey
2nd week                      1  teaspoon full of honey
3rd week                      1+1/2 teaspoon full of honey
4th through 7th week  2  teaspoons full of honey
8th week                      1+1/2 teaspoon full of honey
9th week                      1  teaspoon full of honey
10th week                     1/2    a teaspoon full of honey

This cure can deliberately repeated after a break of 2-3 weeks

Honey as   a  naturopathic remedy

Honey - a remedy against constipation

A little handful of chamomile flowers scalded with hot water and added 1 teaspoon full of honey and 1 teaspoon full of flax seed oil. Strain and drink  1 cup several times a day. If you are also very bloated, you may add fennel tea to the chamomile.

Honey - a remedy for diarrhea
Ripe blueberries are put 4-5 weeks into honey. Press the mixture to obtain „blueberry-honey“ In case of diarrhea take up to six teaspoons a day.

Honey - a remedy for fever
Mix  1 cup of vine vinegar and 1 cup of honey with 1 pint lukewarm water, use as an enema

Honey - a remedy for asthma
Mix 1 cup of  fresh grated horseradish with 1 cup  of honey and  take 1 teaspoon full before sleeping.

Honey - a remedy for coughing and colds
Pine-butts-Tea: A handful of fresh harvested pine butts are scalded with hot water. Cool         down to 100 °F and add 2 tablespoons of honey

Honey - a remedy for stress
1.    Put 1 tablespoon full of honey into 1/2 pint of fresh pressed apple juice
2.    Cook oats with water and add honey  for every pint add 2 tablespoons
3.    or just drink lukewarm water with honey

Honey - the remedy for school stress
Peel an apple, cut it into dices, scald with 1/2 pint of boiling water, let it cool down and add 1 tablespoon full of honey. Let the child first drink the juice and then eat the apple dices. It‘s good for the nerves...

External use of honey

Honey has a strong disinfecting, antibacterial property.

On a lot of skin conditions you can make a poultice with honey

Eczema, abscess or after a besting, once the sting has been removed, a poultice with a linen and honey gives relief.

Sore nail beds (Panaritium) should be bathed in card soap water and afterwards padded with honey

With barbers itch you first make a poultice with  shave grass decoction ( 1/2 cup of shave grass is cooked for 20 minutes, strained and cooled down and applied on a clean cloth) Poultice is put on for 20 minutes. Afterwards honey is applied for another 20 minutes

Burnt and scalded skin should be immediately treated with honey. This helps prevent blisters and pain and  promotes scar-free healing. To the honey also could be mixed some  quince meal: for that crushed quince stones are mixed with a cup of cooked and cooled water.

If wounds tend not to heal finely minced carrot greens mixed with acacia honey can be used as a poultice.

Swollen glands: Gargle lukewarm sage tea mixed with honey or make a poultice of vaporized shave grass with Quark and honey

On  ulcers you may also try the following poultice: Mince  black root and mix with honey. Heat this mixture to be lukewarm and put  a thin layer of this mixture on a cloth. Make a poultice on the ulcer to clear it.

For tired eyes it helps to take fennel or eye bright tea to make a poultice of the eyes.
A poultice of vermouth tea or rosemary tea mixed with honey is said to strengthen the eyes.

Honey for the Beauty

A honey mask
mix 1 teaspoon full of honey with 2 tablespoons full of oats and olive oil to make it a cream. Put on face, throat and décolleté, wash off after 30 minutes and apply almond oil (eventually add 1 capsule of Vitamin E)
Honey poultice to fight the wrinkles:
Heat up bee wax that it becomes liquid. Add 3 tablespoons full of  white lily juice and the juice of one medium size onion and 4 tablespoons full of honey. Apply and let sit over night...

Honey for cracks in the skin of the feet?
Put honey on the skin  - over night - but cover well! or you can take a comfrey-ointment, mix it with honey and apply over night

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