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Cleansing  blood vessels with Chelation and Ozone Therapy

Our biological age is defined by the status of our blood vessels.

In the process of aging,  there are little lesions on the intima (inner walls of blood vessels). On these little lesions there are layers of fatty and  mineral deposits, the so-called plaques. This condition is called athero-sclerosis. The plaque is making the blood vessels (arteries) narrow and this leads to a malnutrition of the organs and body tissue. Besides that, due to the aging process,  the walls of the arteries harden (arterio-sclerosis) by calcium inclusions and make the deposits of plaques more likely.

What do we call circulatory disorders?
There are arteria or vein-related circulatory disorders

Vein-related disorders cause varicous veins, Ulcus cruris (chronic ulcera) and edema. These problems are addressed only indirectly by Chelation therapy. Lymphatic Drainage would be the therapy of choice.

Arteria-related circulatory disorders happen, when the arteries and capillaries are clogged. Arteries are wide transport ways for the bloodstream supplying every cell with  fresh oxygen and nutrients. Arteries branch out into smaller and smaller blood vessels that lead to every spot in the body. If the circulation fails in the arteries, then the whole vascularization and supplementation of the affected area is down.

There are two reasons known for the narrowing and clogging of arteries and capillars.

1. Atherosclerosis

1. Atherosclerosis is also known as Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease or ASVD . Due to the aging process the body is less able to eliminate certain substances, like heavy metal and Calcium. Calcium is vital for the bone and teeth metabolism and the function of the heart muscle.

The presence of free radicals (you may imagine them as rancid fat) make the inside of the arteries rough and irritated, The body tries to mend this,  by putting layers of Calcium and oxydized Cholesterol atop of these lesions. That's what we call "atherosclerotic plaques"

When the atherosclerosis proceeds, the walls of arteries calcify. There was the believe in ancient times, that plaque build-up happens only in old age. Today, in the era of fast food and stress, there is the possibility of an early onset of plaque forming. A genetic reason for atherosclerosis is also discussed. Even people, younger than 21 years, can have atherosclerosis, which is sometimes a side finding of   surgeries or autopsies.

Without treatment atherosclerosis leads to Angina pectoris and heart attacks and can be fatal - especially if it is accompanied with arteriosclerosis as well. A diminished blood supply of the intestinal tract leads to poor digestion. Atherosclerosis of the bloodvessels of the intestines  first causes  poor digestion and  becomes a deadly threat for old age people when it proceeds. If bones and joints are malnourished with oxygene it results in backaches and joint problems. Even arthritis could be the result of bad circulation in that area..

The most common signs of inproper circulation are cold hands and cold feet. If this process is proceeding, there is a symptom called "digitus mortui" (it's Latin and mens "corpse finger"), if left untreated  the limb dies off. Another, very painful disease is the so-called shop-window-disease or "claudicatio intermittens" . People are stopping after some paces (pretending they look in to a shop window) because they are in excruciating pain. The pain level rises with walking and falls when stopping. A peculiar form of circulatory problems is impotence. It canbe caused by a bad circulation in the organ. The lack of circulation in the brain leads to forgetfulness and in severe cases to change of character.

If plaques break loose and go with the bloodstream they can lead to heart attacks, strokes, embolies and death.

The list of diseases, caused by bad circulation is long. Conventional medicine is good in treating acute conditions, but hardly knows any causative treatment. We are lucky to have alternative methods that show good results, like chelation and ozone treatments. In my 33 years of practice in Germany I found  them all the times very effective.

2. Arteriosklerosis and circulation problems
Normal artery walls  are soft and flexible. If calcium is building deposits within the artery walls they harden and get very unflexible,

Most heart attacks are caused by a mixture of atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis makes the arteries stiff, so they cannot expand any more and atherosclerosis is producing the palques (deposits) that narrow the arteries.

Arteriosclerosis is known as cause for manyfold diseases. Even diseases where you might not think first of malnourishment and it effects  different organs.

One example: Diabetes

If a person with diabetes  is suffering from circulation problems, then the pancreas is malnourished and the diabetes gets worse. Malnourishment of the kidneys leads to a production of more Angiotensin, that results in high blood pressure. Malnourishment of the eyes lead to seeing impairments (even blindness) and the malnourishment of bones and joints lead to pain and inflammation in these areas.

The diagnosis arteriosclerosis is found with ultrasonic  (Doppler) The device measures the speed of the bloodstream and that delivers data on the flexibility or stiffness of the arteries

Conventional medicine is treating the symptom and is giving blood thinners and vaso-dilating medication, lowers the cholesterol by giving tablets (with heavy side effects)  for that and orders the people to do walking exercises.

Severe cases are treated surgically. Then a ballon-catheter is put into the artery,  and blowing it up a bit,  widens the artery at the narrow spot. Or the surgeon implants a stent or makes a by-pass. There a piece of blood vessel is sewed in,   to by-pass the narrow spot. If nothing helps, amputation of affected limbs is sometimes the last exit for the pain-stricken patient. 

Disadvantages of these methods are clear to see. Blood thinners -even aspirin - have side-effects. Aspirin can attack the mucosa of the stomach and lead to bleeding ulcers. Besides that,  it reduces the bodies ability to utilize  Vitamin C properly. Cholesterol lowering medication is not good for the liver. The ballon-catheter method is limited to a certain minimum width of blood vessels to be applicable, as you can't get into tiny vessels with  that device. Plus there is always the risk, that the blood vessel  ruptures and causes internal bleedings. Sometimes, the blood vessel clogs up again  and the whole procedure has to be repeated. The By-pass surgery at the heart is a big stress on the whole system. There a vein, taken from the leg,  is bypassing the closed spot of the coronary arteries. But veins have a completely different structure than arteries and do not really suit well to take over the task of an artery. That is why sometimes these new bypasses clog up again - sometimes also because people do not stop with bad eating and drinking habits, that have led to this condition in the first place.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing better than in-time intensive care, if someone is already having a heart condition, a stroke or any  other circulatory related disease. But it is always better not to get into this situation at all.

Prevention is always better than healing

I want to tell you about a method, that not only treats, but also prevents atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis.

I report here my own findings and experience  of 33 years of practice.


EDTA (=Ethylen-Diamin-Tetra-Acetate)

is a substance, that has been used as infusion to treat workmen in lead processing factories, showing signs of led poisoning. They just had found out in 1948,  that EDTA would compound led and eliminate it through the kidneys. Ever since EDTA is the proven emergency-medication to treat led poisoning all over the world.

EDTA not only is binding led, but also metals, as there are mercury, copper, calcium, ferrum. That is the reason for the modern chelation therapy with EDTA

Chelation Therapy

Chealtion is a safe and efficient therapy, helping to get rid of toxins and metabolic waste within the circulatory system. Chelation substances, given as an iv drip, improves the quality of the arteries by eliminating plaques. If applied as a cure, Chelation is also a proven therapy to reverse  arterio-sclerosis, thus preventing cardiac arrest, stroke and dementia. It can be considered as an alternative to by-pass-surgery and angioplastic procedures. Chelation therapy has shown to be very helpful on all diseases that come with old age. Since I started to combine chelation with ozone therapy, I noticed, that  this combination was slowing down the aging process and was re-instating a much higher energy level in my patients.

 What is Chelation Therapy after all?

The word Chelation drives from the Greek word "chele" which means binding, embedding. When doing the chelation Therapy,   EDTA and additives are given as an iv drip. This leads to the elimination of unwanted toxic metals. 

In Germany and worldwide more and more doctors and naturopaths are using this method to improve the circulation and to reverse the arterio-sclerotic processes. Chelation as a cure, is able to re-instate good circulation. This helps prevent by-pass surgery. Other "side effects" of Chelations are:  Ulcera are healing much faster, leg cramps are prevented,the memory becomes more reliable, because the circulation in the brain is improved, impotence can be reversed to a healthy function of the reproductive organs..

Due to its ability to eliminate toxic metal ions, chelation can alleviate inflammations, arthritis, and even sclerodermia. If started early enough it shows  also  promising results on the treatment of Alzheimers and age-related dementia

Best results are achieved, if chelation is combined with ozone therapy, and if some additional oral medication like Gingko or Essentiale capsules (phospholipides) are taken.

There is a long history of  chealtion therapy in the USA, where since more than 50 years many treatments have led to very good results

You can get Chelation as an outpatient treatment. Chelation is given in naturopathic orientated clinics and practices. If administered by the protocol, Chelation is pain free and it takes 3-5 hours to get it as an iv infusion. To achieve optimum results, it is recommended, that you get (in accordance to the status of the arteries) between 5 to 30 treatments in a frequency of 1-3 times a week. I have been combining this therapy with ozone therapy and was able to optimize the results in  a shorter time.

Cerebral sclerosis, Angina pectoris and smokers‘ leg are indications, where Chelation Therapy is is highly recommended. Even a vast onset of arterio-sclerosis does not lead necessarily to cardiac arrest, stroke or bypass surgery. Chelation has a good success rate, when  people with arterio-sclerosis related diseases get them. Of course, the success rate depends on the severity of the complaints and of the number of treatments. Statistics say that more than 75 % of chelations are successful, as patients are experiencing a significant improvement in their health. The success rate climbs to 90 % when patients were getting more than 35 EDTA infusions,changed to a healthy lifestyle, exercised on a daily basis, stopped unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and eating fast food. As circulation is improved all pain that relates to the lack of oxygene in the tissue subsides in short time. Feet are feeling warm again and - very important - quality of life improves significantly.

What do we call Chelation Therapy?

Chelation is a treatment, with which EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetate) is given as an iv-infusion. EDTA can bind metals, that are eliminated through the urinary tract. EDTA removes metals that were deposited in the arteries due to metal residues in food,  or toxic metals like led that came airborne or with water.

Mechanism of Action of EDTA

Chealtion is not only a „rotor rooter“ for your blood vessels. Before the pathogene effect of free radicals was known, scientist thought, that EDTA was working by just altering  the calcium metabolism. They believed that removing the excess calcium was dissolving plaques from  the artery walls and that this led to a rejuvenation of the arteries. But this (still valid) concept is not only the reason for the great success of Chelation. Today we know,  that free radicals are held responsible for diseases like cancer, senile dementia, arthritis and arteriosclerosis. The effect of EDTA is to partially  reverse the effect of free radicals in the blood stream.

What is the effect of EDTA on your body?

1. EDTA is lowering the calcium bloodcount and thus stimulates the release of parathormone. Parathormone is regulating the calcium distribution. It destructs calcium from unwanted places and supports calcium incorporation in bones and teeth.

EDTA improves the fluidity within the small blood vessels
EDTA ist an anti-oxydant that reduces damages of free radicals
EDTA removes metal ions that have set on the wrong places
EDTA improves the structure of the cells
EDTA diminishes the platelet factor, that could lead to thrombosis

Proof of efficiency
Medical professionals, working with EDTA can report a significant improvement in their patients health. Angina pectoris spells are occuring much less or don‘t occur any more, enabling even patients, who could not walk short distances without painful chest sensations, to return to a normal life after they had a series of chelations. That often occurs already after the 5th or 6th therapy. Another well documented effect is, that ulcus cruris (ulcer ofthe leg) and diabetic gangrene are healing within some weeks of treatment.

In the USA, where EDTA is standard therapy for arterial occlusion, they report a success rate of 75 %. Proof of it was achieved by nuclear medicine tests in specialized hospitals and oscillographic measurements in intern paractises. After, with help of radio-isotopes the efficacy of chelation has been confirmed, the report can be ordered at AAMP
American Academy of Medical Preventics,
6151 West Century Boulevard, Suite 11 14,
 Los Angeles, California 90045

Preliminary examination
Before starting a chelation therapy, a complete therapy plan has to be establsihed. It should contain a diet plan, anamnesis (complete history) and a report of evaluation. It should contain, what medication is taken and whether there are allergies in the history. Of course an extensive blood and urine test is obligatory as well as a non-invasive examination of blood vessels to determine the degree of the occlusion.

Risks, Side effects, contra-indications

Basically chelation is safe, non toxic and low risk.

But the following side effects may occur

shivering, even hours after a chelation
-heart sensations (pain)
burning sensation at the injection site or within the bloodvessel
limb pain
light headache
All these senasations usually subside during therapy. If handled professionally, chelation is as safe as taking an aspirin tablet. After treatment the patients are able to drive home by themselves.

If you are browsing the internet about Chelation you will find many controversary comments. This is also true for a lot of naturopathic methods. It shows, that universities and scientific circles are having another point of view and that they are mainly relying on double blind studies, comparative studies etc.

Let me comment some of the negative comments in the web.
If EDTA is given too fast in in a higher dose than recommended, severe side effects may occur - as with any other overdosage of any other remedy. Former reports of the treatment of led-poisening and the treatment with doses that were too high, was leading to a so called crash-kidney (acute kidney failure>) Ever since conventional medicine supporters state, that EDTA is leading to kidney failure. But, latest tests with 383 patients have shown, that they had better kidney tests after chelation. As a precaution, kidney patients should be tested on creatinin and if they are too high, the chelation should be given very slowly and less frequently.

Next (false) statement was, that chelation would weaken the arteriosclerotic altered blood vessel linings. In the meantime Dr Zechmeister was able to prove the contrary. He proved that there is no de-calcification of bones, cartilage or teeth. He proved that by interval increase of parathormone, that the calcium metabolism was improved. Apart from that findings, the international protocol on Chelation makes the application of minerals mandatory.

Contra-Indications for Chelation

Chealtion should not be given to patients with the following diseases

1 Cardiac decompensation
2 Pronounced dysarhythmia (DAH)
3 severe liver or kidney failure
4 condition after tuberculosis of the lung
5 large aneurism

What may you expect when getting EDTA (Chelation) ?
Given, that the protocol is observed, EDTA does not cause pain and has very little side effects. Patients may lie down comfortably or sit in a comfortable chair, they may read, listen to music and relax. They can walk around, go to the bathroom, they can drink. They should only be aware that the injection needles stays in the vein safely.

Patients undergoing a chelation treatment should at first bring time. It takes 3-5 hours to do the treatment. While the drip is running they should drink at least half a gallon of non-carbonized water and - to prevent low blood sugar - have one banana

Is one treatment sufficient?

No. Chelation is a series of treatments, that need 5 to 30 infusions in accordance to the findings. An average of 20 treatments may be done, to achieve results on a manifest arteriosclerotic symptoms. In severe cases, it maybe necessary to give more than 100 treatments, given 2-3 times a week.Chelation is able to stop the process of arteriosclerosis and give the body the chance to provide better circulation for the organs. The regulation of calcium and chlolesterine is also re-established.

Chealtion is beneficial for all blood vessels. Its advantage is, that it also reaches the most tiny blood vessels that are too small to be reached for surgery. Many arteriosclerotic and atherosclerotic patients have severe alterations on their small blood vessels. Chealtion means regenerating the whole blood vessel system.

Is Chelation legal?
Chelation is legal in Germany and in the USA and in many other countries. EDTA is an approved medication

There are no legal obstacles that forbid this therapy as long it is provided by a licensed  health care professional.

Some examples from my 33 years of practice in Germany.

Condition after heart attack (ischemic) and stent implantation 

Pt 38 yrs
Afer one week in the hospital the patient  still was short in breath and felt severe pressure in the chest after walking a short distance. After only 5 chelation therapies combined with ozone treatments, he could walk 2 kilometers (more than 1 mile) without restrictions. No more complaints since 9 years so far.


Pt 68 yrs
The pt came to my practice with the following symptoms: Tiredness, forgetfulness, depression, muscles pain. He showed the iris sign of the „arcus senilis“ that concludes atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis as well.
Two series of 5 treatments each followed by ozone therapy, brought excellent results. A year later the series was repeated. 3 years after the last treatments while undergoing an ultrasonic examination of the blood vessels it showed, that - doctors quote - blood vessels free of plaque and healthy as of a 30 year old... Pt feels still good (8 years later)

Important information for patients with diabetes
The risk for the diabetic patient to suffer from occlusion of blood vessels is 10 times higher as normal. When the blodd sugar count is not balanced well the disease is very rapidly progressing. High blood fat counts add to that effect, causing the so called cross linkage syndrome. Cross linkage means, that there are abnormal cross linked adhesions of collagen fibers in the connective tissue. This leads to cataracts and causes hardening of the blood vessels. Best precaution a diabetic patient can get, is to have well balanced blood sugar and fat counts. Diabetic patients never should smoke and they should exercise on a regular basis. Circulation disorders should be treated immediately after they are noticed.  Chealtion and Ozone treatments suit best in therapy and prophylaxis (precaution)

Chelation causes a controllable lack of minerals, that is always addressed by giving some minerals after every Chelation treatment.

But little is known about the side effects of "normal  conventional remedies and how they cause a lack of minerals:

Here I give a short introduction, that does not claim to be complete, on remedies and their effects on vitamins and minerals


Remedy/Reduced Minerals


removes or lowers the level in the blood


Folic acid, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Vitamin C

Water tablets

Furosemid (z.B.Lasix)
Potassium, Magnesium,  Vitamine B1,B6, C and  Zinc

Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Coenzym Q 10

Remedies for high blood pressure:

Enalapril (z.B. Reniten)

Beta Blocker (z.B. Atenolol, Bisoprolol, Pindolol, i.d.R. alle auf -ol endend)
Coenzym Q 10

Stomach tablets:

Omeprazol (z.B. Antra)
Vitamin B 12

Cimetidine (z.B. Tagamet)+ Ranitidine (z.B. Zantic)
Calcium, Folic acid, Ferrum (Iron), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Zinc


Amoxicillin (Penicilline)
Vitamine B1-12, Vitamin K, Inositol, Bifidobacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus

Cephalosporine (z.B. Cefaclor, i.d.R. alle starting with cefa- beginnend)
Vitamine B1--12, Vitamin K, Biotin, Insitol, Bifidobacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus

Sulfonamides (z.B. Bactrim)
Vitamine B-12, Vitamin K, Biotin, Insitol, Bifidobacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus

Anti inflammatory remedies


Prednison, Dexamethasone, Betamethasone, Budesonide, Triamcinolone
Calcium, Folic acid, Magnesium, Potassium, Selen, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc

Blood sugar remedies:

Glibornurid (z.B. Glutril) Glipizide (z.B. Glibenese)
Coenzym Q 10

Metformin (z.B. Glucophage)
Vitamin B12

Heart remedies

Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B1

Blood fat lowering remedies

Simvastatin (z.B. Zocor, und ähnliche)
Coenzym Q 10

Painkillers and anti inflammatory remedies

Diclofenac (z.B. Voltaren)
Folic acid

Anti Baby Pills
Vitamin C, B12, B6, B2, Zinc, Folic acid, Magnesium

Asthma remedies

Theophylline (z.B. Euphylin, Unifyl)
Vitamin B6