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what oxygen can’t do for you, ozone will.....

What is ozone?

Ozone is a three molecular Oxygen. O3. It is highly oxidating which also means it reacts easily with other agents. Ozone is also found in the higher levels of our atmosphere.

How is Ozone generated?

Pure oxygen is led through an electric  coil and thus gets energized. Already in 1857 Werner von Siemens used the up-to-date  procedure to produce ozone. The principles are used in all ozone appliances that are on the market. Ozone Therapy is always applied without contact to the open air. If ozone gets into contact with the air, the oxygen molecules immediately react with the nitrogen and build up  nitrogen-oxydes  - a deadly poison. The story about the ozone is, that at first the scientists who worked with Werner von Siemens had thought it would be a great idea to add ozone to the breathing air - they thought it would be some kind of a super oxygen. They tried it on an ox first and the poor creature dropped dead within seconds. Later they found out why and since then ozone is only used with caution and with no air contact.

How does Ozone work in the body?

1.         Ozone increases the amount of oxygen in the body
2.         Ozone reduces clogging of red blood cells
3.         Ozone  has a  detoxifying effect on the liver
4.         Ozone decreases uric acid in the body and helps eliminate it
5.         Ozone improves the circulation and oxygen supply
6.         Ozone decreases fat (cholesterol and triglycerids)
7.         Ozone kills viruses and bacteria and fungus (like candida)
8.         Ozone improves the activity of the white blood cells
9.         Ozone improves the metabolism of the cells
10.        Ozone slows down the aging process - vitality comes back

With Ozone Therapy - especially when it is added directly to the blood  - the body is enabled to take in large quantities of oxygen. This therapy is free of side effects (of course as long the rules for the dosage are obeyed) and has proven to be very helpful even in severe illnesses.
What is the indication for Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy is indicated for the following diseases - to name only the most important

1.         Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases  
2.         Arteriosclerosis
3.         Sclerosis of the heart arteries - heart pain while resting
4.         Any kind of liver destruction caused by virus or toxins
5.         Lack of circulation in the limbs or the brain
6.         Post stroke treatment
7.         High blood cholesterol
8.         High uric acid levels in the blood (gout)
9.         Skin diseases caused by poor circulation
10.        Eye diseases  caused by poor circulation
11.        Migraine headaches
12.       Vertigo, dizziness, Morbus Meniere
13.       Slow recovery after illness
14.       Auxiliary treatment for cancer
15.       Burn-out syndrome, Eppstein Barr, Lime disease
16.       Oxygen utilization deficiency coming with diabetes  etc

The biggest value of the ozone treatment lays in the prevention of illnesses - especially when there are risk factors like heavy smoking, high cholesterol values, high uric acid values, high blood pressure, diabetes or old age.
100 years ago  the normal life span would be about 50 years. Nowadays we may expect an average of 75-85 years. In the process of aging,  alterations in the blood vessels occur. They cause sclerosis of blood vessels, that result in strokes, heart attacks, circulation problems of the legs, or forgetfulness. Aging brings about a poor oxygen utilization within the lung and thus less oxygen for the body. We are as old as we are able to take in oxygen... Well there is a cure for that!

In old age we find more rheumatic diseases, high blood pressure, dizziness, low immune response and cancer. As all these diseases have to do with a worsening of the oxygen supply the logic consequence is to add oxygen by means of the ozone treatment and prevent a great deal of these diseases.
Ozone has different forms of applications.

Topic Ozone Gas Bag: 

First the skin of the arm (or leg or lower body) is wetted with water. The arm, or the leg or the lower body up to the waist gets put into a (sufficient big ) plastic bag . The bag gets cloesd with a strap and has a valve where the air can be extracted. After the limb is vacuum packed, the ozone oxygen mixture is filled into the bag. This bag with the ozone-oxygene mixture stays on for 20 minutes. The oxygen is absorbed through the skin. The ozone has strong disinfectant properties, so that’s why it is used  for infectious wounds that heal badly.

Ozone Enema:

A little quantity (about 200 to 500 ccm)  of  the ozone oxygen mixture is  filled into a 50 ml plastic syringe and is submitted into the intestine via an intestinal catheter. It works for all kinds of problems with the intestinal tract. Those who are afraid of getting shots, this is a safe alternative to get additional oxygen into the body.

Ozone as intramuscular injection:

About 10 to 30 ml are drawn into a plastic syringe and given as a shot into the gluteus. It is an alternative to the HOT, when the veins are not accessible.

Ozone as subcutane injection:

I tried this on a case of beginning sclerodermia and it really worked. Today, with the knowledge I have gained, I would combine it with lymphatic drainage. The other indication is chronic back pain that stems from lack of circulation.

Ozone as an intra-arterial injection:

In very severe cases of circulation problems, where no surgery was chosen by the patient, the ozone oxygen mixture was injected directly into the leg artery. The reaction to be expected were blood vessel spasms and after that an intensive improvement of the circulation. Due to the risk of lacerating the artery it is hardly used any more in ambulant practices.


The small HOT:


HOT stands for hematogene oxidation therapy. The small version of the HOT is mainly used where the stimulus is needed, that comes with injection of the own blood. Here the own blood is mixed with the ozone oxygen mixture and injected into the gluteus. It has proven to be very effective for allergies, asthma and rheumatic diseases.

The big HOT:

That's the main field for the ozone therapy. 100 ml vein blood are drawn into a suction bottle, into which beforehand has been filled 10 ml natrium citrate to avoid blood clots. Then the ozone oxygen mixture is added (app. 500 ml) and the dark vein blood turns bright red, because the red blood cells take the oxygen.  This mixture is given back as an I.V. drip. Some case histories may show how excellent the effect of such a therapy is.

Case Histories

Claudicatio intermittens: 

commonly called shop window disease or smoker’s leg, as people with this disturbance of circulation cannot walk longer distances. The lack of oxygen in the legs is that painful, that they are forced to stop. Via the big HOT or, if the case has proceeded too far, the intra arterial injection supplies the urgently needed oxygen. Additional treatment and quitting some bad habits generally helps after a series of treatments.


The most prominent and tragic example was the Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. Her leg had to be amputated due to diabetes. In this case the body cannot use the oxygen. Starting at an earlier stage and keeping on a lifelong pattern of treatments  probably would  have solved this problem . So far none of my numerous diabetes patients on regular ozone treatments has experienced bad circulation that would have led to amputation.

Heart Insufficiency:

is more common than one might think. Once the heart muscle gets so bad, a heart attack results and destroys a lot of heart muscle tissue. Prevention means, to take the stress related “little aches and pains” around the heart serious and get the ozone treatment in time. Heart Insufficiency often results after not properly treated tonsillitis or pneumonia.

Burn-out Syndrome:

In case too much work and stress is eating you up, if you don’t get any movement and/or fresh air you will feel the results of that wrong lifestyle soon. You will feel short of breath, restless, suffer from insomnia and tiredness during the day.Some HOT’s would put you back on track.  For example: An 83 year old man who had just retired, because he felt he was not fit enough to be the boss in his company. After 10 ozone therapy sessions he canceled his retirement, because he felt , quote: " young again". His sons were moderately pleased with this effect.


One of the positive side effects is, that some men told me that the ozone therapy did miracles to their sex drive.

Heart weakness:

A 45 year old man, whose doctor wanted himto discontinue all activities , because he was afraid he might have a heart attack was after regular treatments able to run again and return to his stressful work schedule.


A 62 year old man had a full rehab program after a stroke. The rehab program also included HOTs. He recovered completely.


A 70 year old woman has regained her good digestion with the ozone enemas

High uric acid level: 

A 62 year old restaurant owner, who had tried to loose some weight with protein drinks only, got over acidified and was unable to move and was in excruciating  pain. After 5 ozone treatments and foot reflexology, some homeopathy  and changing her diet she was back in work again and more flexible than ever before.

Sports medicine:

During the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968 some athletes made the headlines in Germany because they used a legal trick to overcome the body's slow adaption to the altitude. Two months before the event they had  500 ml of their blood taken, which was stored and saved for later. In Mexico they got their blood back, plus a good portion of ozone oxygen. Guess who didn’t feel any impairment by the altitude and perform better than ever? I treated a number of cyclists and they all said they did so much easier. In the meantime, this "trick" is called blood doping. A lot of cyclists got caught during the Tour de France.

Are all these cases miracles? No! They are facts in naturopathy. We are always as old as our ability to utilize oxygen. So, if we can’t use or get enough oxygen we are like a motor without gas.... 

Ozone Therapy is a good way to supply oxygen.


Ozone Therapy

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