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Dr Desnizzas Neurotopic Injection Technique

in Germany

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Dr Desnizza's Neurotopic injection

The late Dr Desnizza was a famous naturopathic doctor in Munich. He found out, that it was possible by injecting isotonic saline 1,0 % solution to nerv-outlets next to the spine, to restore the electric quality of the nerv function.

The principle can be explained by bio-chemistry:

By flushing sodium ions to the cells, the so-called sodium-potassium-pump in every wall of the cell is activated and brought to a normal function. After the cell metabolism in an area is intact again, the correlated functions  are as well. All diseases correlated to this former malfunction of the area  would just "dissolve"

I was able to see a real impressive proof in my family.

My husband Klaus was prone to pneumonias every winter. And every winter it got worse and more life threatening. I had just studied this therapy, when he started to come down with the next pneumonia. I immediately started injecting all nerves right next to the thoracic spine with saline  1,0 %. To my surprise within 5 minutes the cough stopped and Klaus said he was feeling much better. The light fever was gone. The next three days I continued with this therapy. The pneumonia had been stopped in its beginning and did not come back. The next and overnext year I injected the saline 1,0 % solution again on every onset of coughing. The last five years there even has not been a sign of pneumonia. The whole situation in his lungs had stabilized. For him as for me it was like a miracle.

After that success I tried more of what I had found in Desnizzas  book "Schmerzfrei durch Kochsalz"  By the way, it was on the English market also under the title "Painfree through Saline the success of"  in 1996.

I treated spine problems, chronic pancreatic problems and all therapy resistant ailments by just injecting the saline to the nerv-roots  of the related area and I was always  still puzzled how fast this method worked.

I relate the effect to the  basic idea of neural therapy , that everything is controlled within special segments (Head Zones). So, for instance the heart and lung  is correlated to a zone of the upper thoracic spine, the stomach and pancreas  is related to a section of the lower thoracic spine and upper lumbar spine, the abdomen to the section of the lower lumbar spine and the os sacrum.

My variation of this method was to add a homeopathic remedy (like Zeel for the spine) to the saline and have the success even faster.