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Chiropractic and Spynamics

I have learned  Chiropractic techniques in the course of my education to be a Naturopath. Later I developed Spynamics from an old folks method (DORN Method) that was done in Bavaria by laymen therapists .

Chiropractic, first done by Palmers  is a huge medical field in the USA. It is popular in Europe, too. By means of certain manipulations on joints and spine,  dislocated joints and vertebrae are brought back into position.

There was only one thing that bothered me and my patients. Sometimes the muscle pattern would pull the joint or vertebra back into the unwanted position. To a certain extent I was able to dissolve some of these tension patterns by a good preparation.  Mainly I used European Foot Reflexology (Muscle and Nerve Zones) or infrared radiation or neural therapy.

Sometimes I had to deal with patients who had been overdone already with chiropractic treatments. Their ligaments would not allow another manipulation and that was the moment when I started to give chiropractic a second thought.

Spynamics is simple, effective and safe. It uses the body’s dynamic to reset  joints and spine. Same as in Chiropractic, with SPYNAMICS the testing of the posture  is done in a similar way. The length of legs is compared, and if one leg seems to be longer than the other,  both methods try to do some resetting  to get the pelvic to an even horizontal level. 

But the Spynamics is completely different! Chiropractic would try to bring the shorter leg to the length of the longer one. Spynamics gets rid of the sub-luxation in the “longer” leg  by trying  to reset ankle, knee and hip. That resumes in a stable position of the joints. And the former “longer” leg is now as “short” as the other.  After all joints are set, the patients stands up and the pelvic and lumbar spine get reset while the patient is moving one leg first and then the other, while the opposite side of the spine is worked on. The thoracic and cervical  spine are reset while the patient sits down and moves one arm first and then the other. The cervical spine get reset by the patients own motion. All patients report an immediate relief and the effect lasts longer, because the joints are in a stable position and no ligaments have been stressed-


will be subject in the
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