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Bio Resonance Therapy

You might call Bio  resosonance therapy the “electric homeoppathy”

In Germany I used to work first with a MORA appliance and later with BICOM. MORA was developed on the basis of electric acupuncture, something that is very popular over in Europe. Electro acupunture is a device with which you could read the electric resistance values on certain acupuncture points on fingers and feet and come to a conclusion about the patients health. Any divergence of the known normal values would tell the electro-acupuncturist that there was something wrong in the meridian. Meridians are energy-streets that are related to organs and organ systems. To treat people with odd values on their acupuncture points, the therapist would bring in the remedy, he/she thought might suit best,  to check whether it would fit. The presence of the remedy would make the values turn to normal.

One example: The acupunture point H1 of the  Heart meridian shows an abnormal value. Then a naturopathic heart remedy like hawthorn, convallaria, cactus or scilla is put into the patient's palm or is just put between the device and the body. Then the acupunture point is read again. When it tends to normal, the right remedy has been found.

The only flaw in this method is, that there is no limit to the number of remedies. So I have seen patients who have been treated with more than 200 (!!) ampules of homeopathic remedies. That is way too much, because it can cause an over-reaction.

 The German engieneers Morell and Rasch came to another concept, which has revolutionized the whole field of electro-acupuncture. Considering, that everything on earth is vibration, this means that you only had to bring in the right  vibration to help the body to swing back to normal. So they developed an device with handles through which the body’s vibes were recorded and transported into a reading device. For instance you would read that heart acupuncture point H1 is reading below 50 This means the heart is weak. You would add hawthorne and other remedies and put it into a copper cup that is switched into the  circuit. Then the patient would keep the handle in the hand and get these improved vibrations.

But this is only one way to put it. The other way would be that you separate the harmonious and the disharmonious vibration, eliminate the disharmonious vibrations and feed the harmonious vibes back via the copper handle. The disharmonious vibrations get inverted and are also fed back. They are creating an homeopathic effect, as the wrong vibrations get deleted by this action. By means of this MORA appliance I was able to bring vibrations of remedies into the body of patients - mainly children, who I did not want to scare off with injections. I would also invert the vibration of body liquids like blood, saliva, sweat or mucus in order to create a situation where the body again takes care of the sick making agent in another (less threatening) form.

When I  switched to BICOM years later, treatment was made even a lot easier. You could do it the "old-fashioned " way and measure points and find the right remedy, or you could use the "in-built" programs, that offered a complete concept for a huge list of diseases to choose from. Attachments like the magnet hammer (now its a mat) and the eye-device would help to treat allergies really successfully.  After trying all the different options with this new device, I made it a habit to treat all my patients with bio resonance when they were getting foot reflexology or ozone therapy.

Bio Resonance works exceptionally well for allergies.  With the MORA device I am able to create the “taylored” remedy for my patients. I would run the vibrations through a copper cup that has been connected between the copper handles that my patient holds in his/her hands and the appliance. By this the vibrations can be transmitted into a bottle with alcohol of distilled water in that copper cup. The application is similar to what we know about homeopathy.

 In the course of time there have been developed a lot of other devices, based on the same idea. Many of them have taken the guesswork from the therapist and offer pre-fab programs. I owned such a device now (Bicom) and it worked quite well.

For more information see the websites of Medtronik for MORA and Regumed for BICOM



To give a better picture of what can be done with Bio Resonance, I want to give a short sequence of typical

Case histories:


A 2 year old girl suffers from allergies and neurodermitis (dermatitis?) since one year.  The mother tells me, that the little girl had multiple colds that have been treated with antibiotics. First I measured all acupuncture points on the fingers and toes. As mostly in these cases, I have found the acupuncture points for the lymph system and for the GI tract not ok. The normal value is 50. An irritated system shows values over 50, a system that has been overwhelmed shows little reaction and values below 50. With that electro acupuncture device I harmonized those points. I added energy to points below 50 and I tried to sooth the points above 50. Then I also could simultaneously add color therapy. For instance yellow for the GI tract and orange for the lymph fluid. Or, even easier, I would run a so called basic program. In most of the cases,  this does the trick for children, because it fills the depleted energy reserves. In case that’s not enough I still can give the vibrations of some homeopathic remedies. I gave the mother some general advice, like not to use soap, bath only with oil baths, stay away from milk and animal protein, and I gave some homeopathic remedies to take at home. When that little one came back two weeks later I hardly recognized her. Her skin had healed and the swelling in her face had gone.

Sometimes,  if the self healing mechanisms are so much blocked, that I have to give the inverted vibration of the antibiotics first to make the way free for the body’s self healing power.

Bio Resonance and Ozone treatment: One of the things that I really learned to estimate highly in my practice was the combination of Bio Resonance and HOT. Then I would just put a cotton with the patients blood into that input copper cup. My patient takes the copper handles into his/her hands and now the information from his/her body plus the information from the blood are flowing through this appliance. I switch to the mode: enhance the harmonious and invert and enhance then the disharmonious vibrations - or using the newer Bicom, I just select the appropriate program. . This way, I found that the effect of the HOT (Ozone treatment) has been maximized so that the body gets a chance to answer the right impulses.

Ozon Therapy and BICOM Bio Resonance helped in two severe cases of infected wounds (one was a young man who had lost his finger in a sawmill and the other,  one a vet doctor,  who had a compartment wound when he got his underarm in a wood splinting machine) In both cases the wounds had started to  inflame badly and doctors were already considering amputation. After only three treatments with ozone bags and bio-resonance with the magnet hammer at the same time the inflammation subsided. After 4 weeks of daily treatments everything was healed. The doctors called it "Luck"

 There was a time, when the inventors of those machines had hoped to develop them further so that you also could lead the vibrations of allopathic (conventional)  medicine into the body and spare the patient to take them with all their side effects. But it clearly showed, electro acupuncture was limited to re-tune the body by means of alternated vibrations and could not be used   to substitute  substances.