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Neural Therapy

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Had it not been for the brothers Hunecke, both MDs,  and their headache stricken sister, the world would never have learned of the benefits of the neural therapy...

What happened?  Dr & Dr Hunecke were  brothers living in the same household with their sister. This sister suffered from heavy migraine headaches. One day she was in real bad shape and one of her brothers, Ferdinand, wanted to help her immediately. That’s when he made a mistake and gave her an I.V. injection with the anti rheumatic remedy Aphanyl. The headache ceased on the spot. When he read the directions for use, he almost fainted, because he learned that he was by no means supposed to give that shot as an I.V. Upon research he learned, that the substance that he had given his sister was PROCAINE - a local anesthetic. His sister’s  headaches were cured for good, so both brothers started intensive studies on what procaine would do. Later they tried injecting procaine under scars and found, that this had quite astonishing remote effects. They called it the second phenomenon, because pain would go away within a split second. That was the beginning of the Neural Therapy

Nowadays you can’t think of naturopathy without thinking of neural therapy. Basic idea is that all cells have an energy potential that provides a continuous flow of energy in an healthy organism. Any disturbance of that flow, like scars, wounds, wrong position of joints, mal nourishment of tissue or inflammation leads to the build-up of a disturbance zone. An injection with procaine can re-establish the energy potential and dissolve the disturbance zone.

 If someone experiences immediate relief after injecting procaine in a disturbance zone, e.g. a scar,  that's called the second phenomenon acc to Hunecke. I have seen it happen every once in a while. You can never  foresee it,  whether there will be such a phenomenon or not, but when it happens it’s quite impressive.

Another basic idea of neural therapy is, that everything is controlled within special segments (Head Zones). So, for instance the heart is correlated to a zone of the upper thoracic spine, the stomach is correlated to a section of the lower thoracic spine, the abdomen to the section of the lower lumbar spine and the os sacrum. So, if a homeopathic heart-remedy is injected into the heart section, it is as efficient as a I.V. of a very potent heart drug (see also homeosiniatrie)  .

 The other  important way to use neural therapy is to inject a certain  quantity of procaine close to a joint , for example the hips, and give sometimes immediate relief. And sometimes it can be, that the injection into the disturbance zone  lets the pain disappear.

Case histories:

Chronic inflamed tonsils

were the disturbance zones   in a 60 year old man, who came to see me for his chronic hip pain. Foot Reflexology had shown that the bigger problem were his tonsils, so I sprayed some procaine spray  onto his tonsils. Within a split second the pain in the hip was gone. We had to repeat this procedure some years later and then the hip pain  was gone for good...

The forgotten scissors:

A 53 year old woman could have sworn, that the surgeon had forgotten at least a pair of scissors in her tummy after her gall bladder surgery. For ten years she would go from one doctor to the next and no one was able to explain these weird symptoms. One injection under her scar from that surgery cured her. The “scissors” had disappeared. Some years later she came back with some of the former symptoms. Another injection cured it once and for all.

Phantom pain:

A 73 year old man suffered intensive phantom pain in his amputated leg stump. A injection under the scar, repeated monthly, took a great deal of the pain.

Primar Rheumatoid Polyarthritis pcp:

An old lady was unable to do the simplest chores (like button her jacket) because her fingers were crippled so badly from pcp. A weekly injection at all the finger joints , though very painful, helped her regain some more freedom in being able to use her hands.

Back problems:

was the domain of Neural Therapy, until Dr Desnizza proved that it took only saline 1,0 % to achieve the same results

Neural Therapy

will be subject in the
Naturopathic School of Hawaii
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