Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods


I was asked so often, what detoxication is all about, that I wrote down all the  informations about detoxication therapies,  that were available in my practice. This information does not claim to cover all toxine hazards and all detoxication methods, but it relates to my own experience.

Is Detoxication really necessary?
Conventional medicine is denying heavily that toxins are prime cause of illnesses in western industrial countries. But it still is the truth.  I can look back on 30 plus years of experience in my naturopathic practice and may state by experience, that even toxins or noxes, that are claimed to be harmless and that are found in our environment and in our food chain, can have fatal effects.

I‘m talking about diseases like cancer, allergies, asthma, fibromyolgia, diseases of liver, kidney or intestinal tract, just to name some of them....

Here I report of some detoxication therapies, that were used in my practice in Germany

Liver Cleanse acc. to Hulda Clark and Colonics
Our liver is storing all the toxins, that it cannot eliminate immediately. With Hulda Clarks Liver Cleanse the bile duct and the gall bladder are cleansed from sand-like residues, jelly-like residues,  and solid stones. I found it very helpful to give 2-3 colonics before and 2-3 colonics after the Clark Liver Cleanse, to clear the elimination pathways completely

HOT „Blood Cleanse“
has nothing to do with the hemocatharsis (dialysis) , that is done in the hospital, where unwanted matter gets washed out of the blood. Doing the HOT (Hematogene Oxydation Therapy) means drawing blood out of the vein into a sterile under-pressure container, mix the blood with ozone-ogygen mixture and sodium citrate to avoid clogging, and lead that mixture back into the bloodstream. By boosting the oxygen level,  all detox organs are stimulated, thus enabling the body to get rid of old toxins,

Chelation Therapy
If there was a hit list of the most hazardous toxins, the heavy metals would on top of it. Many complaints mainly with circulation and nerve function relate to heavy metal contents in the blood. Chelation Therapy is able to eliminate heavy metals in a safe and effective manner.

Homeopathy and Bio Resonance Therapy
Allergies are a good indication, that all possibilities of elimination have been exhausted. „The channel is full“ - means that the toxins, that have caused the allergies have to be eliminated. Homeopathy, where the toxin is diluted due to S. Hahnemanns principles, plus Bio Resonance „the electronic homeopathy“ are two proven ways to help the body to get rid of the toxins in a safe and effective way.

The prime detoxication is fasting. Fasting is not called „surgery without knife“ for nothing. Fasting means to cut down on food intake partially or completely, drink lots of water or herbteas and cleanse the intestinal tract. Cleansing the large intestines can be done by taking a saline laxative, or make an enema every day or go for  colonics. Colonics are the most effective way to clear the elimination pathway. While fasting, headaches and nausea might occur, indicating, that toxins are broken down and washed into the bloodstream to be eliminated via the natural pathways. After 2-5 days the complaints subside and a fasting euphoria takes place. After the fasting period, that can last up to 3-6 weeks, it is vital to build up the food intake correctly and to employ healthy eating habits.

Caution  ....  Poison
The following report does not claim to be a complete list of toxins, but it should give you an idea, how smallest doses of toxins can do great harm, and how you can get rid of them.

Airborne toxins
In Schwabmuenchen, where I was living the last 4 years, they are fighting a desperate battle against the building of a huge and unnecessary  waste burning plant, that is going to pollute the whole area. Chances are slim, that the opponents succeed, as politics and money are  an unholy alliance that is active all over the globe, to the disadvantage of the people who live there. We really need more „Erin Brokovitchs“  out there...  When you look to what extent politicians worldwide allow toxins and that even the lowest standards cannot be agreed on internationally - you really get frustrated.

How can we protect ourselves?
We have to become active in action groups. The increasing number of bronchitis and asthma of children relates to the rising pollution that toxifies the air with poison and particulate matter. My advice for mothers of small children. Don‘t go alongside traffic areas with the stroller. Your kid inhales all the exhaust, that is produced by the cars passing by. Be sensitive to letting the motor run idle when you park somewhere. It's not only good for the people around you, it also helps saving money.

Toxins in the water
You may say, the farther they get the drinking water for you, the more they have to add chemicals . Best choice would be the use of  local wells. Water is after air the second vital element that keeps us alive. Usually we can rely, that the quality of water is controlled, but it does only relate to the excess of toxins and germs that have to be reported. When your drinking water smells like your swimming pool, you already should try to eliminate the chlorine.

How can we protect ourselves?
Filter you drinking water. There are real effective filter systems out there that can be installed either under the sink or directly at the incoming water line for the whole house. Get information where your tap water comes from.

Toxins in the food chain
In Germany I read a book, title of which was (translated) „The Soup is lying“ This was an eye opener for me! It is a scandal that politics - in this case in the European Union - allow so many toxins within the food, and that the producer in certain cases even don‘t have to classify what they put in. As we, on the other hand, are unable to farm our own vegetables, we have to find a way to get toxin-free food.

How can we protect ourselves?
We should stay away from ready made food, as often as possible. With „cooking from scratch“ you decide what is in your food. Buy local from your organic farmer, in the health food store or in the organic section of your super market. The market only reacts to sales figures and goes by supply and demand. So your choice of what you buy,  results in the  larger offer of organic food. In Europe there is no obligation to mark genetically  manipulated food. I don‘t know how they handle it in the United States. As even the best scientist cannot exclude that there might be long term risks for the public health, so the only recommendation can be, to watch the news and see which products are already manipulated to a high degree. Health Food Stores in Hawaii get their produce tested and don‘t offer it, when it shows traces of manipulation. The latest news I read, state that genetically manipulated grains alter the bacterial flora in the intestines. Sensitive people (like me) contract celiac or M. Duhring from that. You see that celiac is on the rise by the fact, that you get more and more gluten free products.

Poison in Medicine
Hardly any product group contains more „poison“ than medicine. It seems to be contradictionary, but there is a system behind it. When you are ill and see a conventional practitioner, he he hopes to cure you by prescribing you  chemicals, that your body has to break down and eliminate. For example anti-biotics (translation is anti-life) are aiming against good and bad bacteria likewise and ruin the immune system, especially if given too much and too often. Vaccines affect the nerve lines and the worst of all is chemo therapy. Just plain facts: In the 33 years, that I have been working with conventionally treated  cancer-patients, I have seen 2  long time survivors. All the others were dying painfuly from Chemo and its side effects.

How can we protect us?
First, we should adopt a healthy life style, thus preventing diseases that are avoidable. We should  take no chemical remedies for minor diseases. There is no doubt about it, that conventional medicine has its benefits on severe and highly acute diseases, but we also should remind ourselves to think of our own self-healing abilities, that can be supported by means of naturopathic medicines.

Get rid of toxins, that we already took into our bodies
Our body is the most effective chemical plant you can imagine.
We cough out what we inhale as poison, because we create mucos to wrap it up and spit it out. If we drink polluted water or eat contaminated food, our immune system, lungs, skin, liver, kidney and intestinal tract, take care that the toxins get eliminated. That happens every day in our life,  without us being even aware of it.
But, one fine day, all the elimination capacities are used up. Then the body starts to store toxins - giving priority to protect  the vital systems like heart and brain, circulation and breathing. Then toxins are kept liquid and diluted  and we wonder about water retention. Or they are stored in fatty (nerve) tissue and we wonder about pain. If toxins are stored over a long time, we get sick.

As most of conventional physicians hardly think of intoxication with poison, many diseases are treated for their symptoms and not for the cause. If you are lucky, they might ask you at least, whether you have amalgam in your teeth and suggest you get this out..

My experience of more than 30 years of practice  shows clearly, that to detox first makes all naturopathic  therapies work faster and more effective.