Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

Healing with colors goes right with my Theory how healing from within takes place.

Red is applied if there is lack of energy and

Blue is applied when there is excess energy.

Green is equalizing and so is Magenta.

Dr Dinshah Color Therapy

Dr Dinshah in his book "There will be Light"

describes many occasions where he was able for decades  to generate the self-healing in his clietns just with color applications. There is a long list of suggestions how to use the healing colors.

You need the lamp, the Roscolene Filters and a tripod

It is available at www.productsondemand.biz

Monolux Therapy Pen

Foot Reflexology cant normally not be done on oneself. Its an energyshort cicuit. But with the Monolux color application where the stick is generating all colors of the rainbow and a low magnetic field for deeper penetration it enables you to treat yourself.

I use it sometimes when a zone on the feet  is very painfull. The application of all colors (where the body picks  out the color needed) balances the energies much faster so that self healing takes place.

The pen is available in Germany


There is another very effective application

Chakra Color Meditation

The single chakras  get radiated 5 minutes each

The chakras on the trunk 5 minutes front and 5 minutes on the back

Radiation is more effective when applied  on the bare skin

Red on the Kundalini Chakra from below, laying on the back

Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue on the front and back while laying on the side , Violet on the Forehead and Magenta on the top of the head.

Doing this you will find yourself very energized.

Thats why I dont recommand you to do this before sleeping.

My own experience with color therapy.

I was out dancing when another lady accidentially jumped with her highheels on my forefoot. I immediately got a bad swelling. I limped home and put Indigo light on the foot. After 5 minutes there was no more pain and after 2 hours ofradiation the swelling was down. Tosupport the lymph flow I applied another 10 minutes of Orange light and was able to do my usual morning walk wearing my normal sneakers.

My great-nephew hit his head badly and bled. While his mother called the hospital to announce their coming I radiated the kids head for 5 minutes. The bleeding stopped immediately and the boy said that he had no more pain. In the hospital the doctor hardly could find the source for the bleeding that had completely stopped.

In Germany a young womanhad given birth andhad lacerations in her vagina. She was told by her doctors that this couldnot be mended, that it had to heal by itself. After two weeks ofpain she came to try color therapy and was not disappointed. After the first treament the paincompletely stpped and after a consecutive treatment on the next day the healing was completed. The side effect: Indigo light suppresses the lacttation process. So another session with orange restored lactation.

The onset of a flu, if radiated immediately wit hgreen light heps overcome the bug much faster

The side effects of radiation against cancer is sunburn-like skin sensations that can be painful. Radiation with red takes the pain immediately.

My neighbor got a hip replacement and the scar looked very red and was sore. Radiating it for 30 minutes with Indigo not only took the pain, the scar turned into a light pink and after three applications it had skin color.

The list could go on and on

My next book will be about Color Therapy