Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

Healing with Body Fluids


If you wake up in the morning and your eyelids are like glued together, try some saliva on the fingertips and wipe the eyes with it. They clear faster and better than with water.

Insect bites don't itch that much if saliva is applied

Saliva as a first thing in the morning applied on warts is said to take them away (... but I would add Thuja in a homeopathic dose anyway)


A lot of allergies and eczema have been successfully treated by the so-called auto-sanguis therapy. There 1 drop of the patients blood is mixed with some homeopathic ampules and injected into the muscle (once a week). That procedure activates the bodys own immune system. Auto sanguis Therapy in China was different. The doctors would pinch their patients as long until they got a nice blue bruise. When this bruise was healing off that was called activating the bodys resistance. The idea of this treatment is: In our blood we carry all the informations. Some informations seem to be overwhelming, that is why sometimes the immune-system goes haywire. That's what we call alllergy. If a tiny amount of that agent, that had overwhelmed the system is now brought in a different way into the body, the body learns how to deal with it. That one drop of blood works like a vaccine (in the positive sense)

Another way to use the own blood as a healing agent, is to homeopathize it. See also the section about homeopathy,


Homeopathic  diluting is done in so called 10 grade steps. This means 1 part of the original substance (one drop of blood)  gets mixed and well shaken with 10 parts of water or alcohol   This results in 1X-potency. (X is the Latin abbreviation for ten) The grades are counted like in math.

X1 means 10 to the power of (-1) which is one tenth

or X6 which is 10to the power of (-6) which is one millionth.

This means the number behind the X is counting the zeros below the fraction line.

Then to manufacture X2,

one drop the X1 gets diluted and shaken with 10 drops of water or alcohol again.

To produce X3

the same procedure : X2 one drop, mixing agent 10 drops,

The procedure continues as long, until the desired dilution is reached.

This homeopathic blood drops are given as one drop a day for treating allergies and skin diseases. Sometimes, when babies are sick from their first days on, the blood of their mother gets diluted  to X6 in water and one drop is given every day. That helps the baby to eliminate toxins that it got eventually  in the mothers womb.


Many books have been written about it in Europe. So I will limit myself to known successful experiences. Urine as a therapy in the middle ages was called "Dirt Medicine" and was an essential part of conventional medicine.  In this website I will only quote what I found that really works and describe only the topic use of it:

One can try to dab eczema with urine. Some heal then really quickly. The same goes for insect bites and every type of inflammatory skin affliction such as acne  or a sunburn. If the skin feel uneasy, ad the (non chemical!) cream of your choice like a neutral fat cream

First you should know, that urine by itself is  sterile, as long as you use the middle-part instead of the first discharge. You take the midstream urine by releasing some urine  first, then hold it back and put a container  underneath and catch some urine. Then you may apply the urine with a cotton swap or Q-Tip. Let it penetrate for several hours. If the skin tightens a neutral moisture cream may be added. On minor wounds it has proven helpful to pad urine first on the wounded or squeezed area and add then „Traumeel“ Ointment or Gel (available in Health food stores) Everything heals in less than half the time ...

Neurodermitis sometime responds very favorably to extern urine treatments. For this, it is the best to use a little bit of evening urine and dab cautiously the rough and split skin areas with a cloth that has been steeped in the urine. While doing this treatment on babies, it is not advised to use disposable diapers, because they are all treated with chemicals. A simple cotton cloth, folded several times, is more suitable for catching the urine. It can also immediately be used for the dabbing

Soldiers of World War I and II were educated in case of wounds to pee onto the wounds  to prevent infection, when the hospital was too far away.. I is reported, that it always worked to prevent sepsis.

Bruises can heal much faster and loose the stingy pain, if urine is dabbed  onto it. Traumeel ointment or gel as a poultice for half an hour to some hours would additionally help if applied atop of the bruise and the urine.

Diaper rashes can  be treated with urine. But never use commercial paper and plastic diapers  to collect the urine, as they contain chemicals. Use a clean linen cloth, wait until baby pees on it and dab the rash lightly with it. Then add zinc containing cream onto it. Do not use Traumeel in this case, as it stings!