Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

Blood letting

Blood letting belongs to the most extensive used (and abused) healing methods in the world. Reading old scripts about directions how to do blood letting, makes every medical experienced  person feel uneasy. A lot of persons died, because this method was applied too extensive and too often.

But done properly, it is still one of the best things, you can do, when the blood pressure is too high or if there are too many toxins or solid substances  in the blood.

Hypo-baric Blood letting

If the blood pressure is too high, taking away 200 ml of cubital vein blood with a Butterfly needle into a vaccum glass, is the fastest and safest cure you can imagine. But doing this, you should know, that the patient should rest half an hour afterwards and then really take it easy for the rest of the day. The body adapts fast. Most of the times, there is a real renal flush, which means, that a lot of excess water is expelled.

Iso-baric blood letting

If the blood pressure lowering effect does not last and after a week there is the same high blood pressure, it might be better to give the same quantity  back in liquid.

Which means, you take 200 ml of the blood and refill with 200 ml of isotonic sodium solution 0.9 % That keeps the mechanism down, that the body tries to make up for the lost quantity.

Hyper-baric blood letting

The so-called hyper-baric blood letting in my practice was done, when the blood count of the thrombocytes was  too high (Polycythemia vera). Then you take 200 ml blood and refill 300 ml isotonic sodium 0.9 %. It was necessary to repeat this procedure once a month, but that was a good alternative to chemo...