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Homeopathy and Schuessler Cell Salts


Everybody knows the term homeopathy, but only a few can really explain what it is all about. Let’s take the principle of vaccination:  The body’s immune system gets trained to fight successfully infectious diseases by getting into contact with the tiny amount of the same bacteria , that would bring about the contagious disease. For example pox.

Homeopathy works similar. Substances, that would be harmful in their original  strength are diluted. That can be herbal, mineral or animal substances.

Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of homeopathy, found out, that the higher the dilution, the higher the efficiency of  the used drug. His way of diluting went in so called 10 grade steps. This means 1 part of the original substance was mixed and well shaken with 10 parts of water, alcohol or rubbed with lactose sugar.  This results in X-potencies. (X is the Latin abbreviation for ten)There is another method available that takes 1 to 100 parts. Then we talk about C-potencies (in Latin C stands for one-hundred). The (exponential) grades are counted like in math.

 X1 means 10 to the power of (-1) which is one tenth or X6 which is 10to the power of (-6) which is one millionth. This means the number behind the X is counting the zeros below the fraction line. The dilution where the scientists begin to feel funny is X 27, as this is known as the “Loschmidt number” saying that beyond this dilution there is no substance of the original found any more. But this is just the beginning of homeopathic dilutions. The higher the dilution the more profound the effect. I mainly work with the X200 and see good results. Working with homeopathy, means not to find a diagnosis, but to find the adequate remedy picture. The homeopathic remedy has to fit like key and keyhole. If it does not fit, it is not working.

Samuel Hahnemann worked with the principle, that substances, that would bring about certain symptoms in healthy people, would help as a remedy against the same symptoms in sick people.
Similis similia curatur (or curentur...)   which means

Like heals like

Here one example: Belladonna in its original substance is a poison.  Belladonna remedy picture is: red face, sweat, delirium, excitement, wide pupils. If someone shows one or more of these symptoms during a fever without having taken Belladonna as a substance, then Belladonna  is the right homeopathic remedy to take. With most homeopathic remedies healing occurs  by bringing the symptoms to a healing crisis, where everything gets worse for a short time and changes then for the better. But after that the disease has healed out completely.

That is the main difference to allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine is an antidote, a remedy against something. Homeopathy helps for something, it goes with something. That is also why sometimes homeopathic remedies seem to fail. If the remedy picture does not fit , the remedy won’t work.

For example a little boy wakes up at night with sudden tearing ear aches. He does not want to get touched and cries aloud. The boy’s head feels hot and one cheek is red the other white. He despises all kinds of noise, even music. The remedy picture of these symptoms goes with Chamomilla. 5 pellets of Chamomilla X30 might cure this spell within half an hour.

Assume his best friends comes down with an ear ache the same night. But his ear ache is not tearing but sharp, stinging. His throat aches as well.  His faces turns from red to white and fever is low. This calls for Ferrum phos X 6 as the right remedy.

Children, that are prone to frequent ear infections might well respond to a once given dose of Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni X 200. The higher potency is for the more chronic nature of the process. The more acute the disease,  we lower the dilution. The pharmaceutical industry in Germany has a long tradition of developing complex homeopathic remedies. They have proven to be effective even when they are given in accordance to  the diagnosis instead of the remedy picture.  But the above said also explains why these complex remedies sometimes fail.


is a potency, that,  I was told by an old  Naturopth many years ago, had the best of all homeopathy. So I found some of the substance really helpful and will list them here.

This is not to talk anybody out of a doctors treatment.

I just give my own experience that I gathered in decades of using these homeopathic substances. When you try these remedies, you do this at your own risk.

Aconite X200    dry fever especially at an onset of th flu, excitement

Apis X 200         after insect bites or any red hot swelling, cysts

Belladonna X 200  sweaty fever especially at an onset of the flu 

Cantharis X200  I found that helpful in all bladder infections
Ferrum phos X200 helps for the sore throat, starting flu
Gelsemium X200 helps often with migraine headaches
Nux vomica X200 helps with  sickness, nervousness
Rhus tox X200 goes for all eczema and rheumatic spells

Aesculus+Hamamelis+Lycopodium in the X200 help with hemorrhoids
5 pellets of each  (eventually repeat after 10 minutes)

The Herpes remedy calls for lower potencies and goes:
Mezereum X4
Gnaphalium X5
Rhus tox X4
Verbascum X3
drops. Take hourly 10 drps at an acute spell of herpes and once the crust is gone, take it as a precaution for  1 month 3 times a day 20 drops.
After some treatments you may experience that the herpes spells subside and come less  often or disappear.

Schuessler Cell Salts

Treatments with Schuessler cell salts can be considered to be another section of the wide field of homeopathic treatments. Dr Schuessler, an MD who was engaged a lot in research about homeopathy, noted, that some of the so called cell salts are still  traceable after a human body has been cremated. These salts are also found in nature. He tested these  12 so-called essential cell salts, in various dilutions and described them as follows:

An illness of the body is always an illness of the cell.

In order to treat the body he would find the right remedy picture and give detailed orders of how to take them. He distinguishes as all homeopaths do, between acute and chronic illnesses:.

Acute symptoms call for an application  every five minutes with a low potency (X6);  chronic diseases call for once a week application of higher potency (X12)

Exemption is

"The Hot Seven" (because in Germany Mag phos is Number 7)

In the US Schuessler Cell Salt number 8 (Magnesium phosphoricum X6) , 10 tablets  diluted in a drink of hot water are proven for any kinds of stomach and intestinal cramps.

or my

Anti-Acidity Drink

"Chronic high acid levels in the cells "

with this condition Schuessler Cell Salts Natrium sulfuricum, Natrium muriaticum, Natrium phosphoricum  are taken as 10 tablets each in a glass of hot or cold water  once a day for at least one week. In that time the patient should refrain from all animal products.

Schuessler Cell Salts characteristics 

(The numbers don't correlate with the American numbers - go for the name)

# 1.   Calcium fluoratum  (Calc fluor)

.. is the remedy for the weak connective tissue. All organs seem to sag down, posture is bad, teeth also. Coming with the sagging are diseases like varicose veins, hemorrhoids, flat feet - just to name some. I read in some books, that wrinkles could be prevented with 1 tablet a day. As you may see from the symptoms, most of them are not acute, that’s why they are taken only once a day 1 tablet.

# 2.   Calcium phosphate  (Calc phos)

The remedy picture fits for the skinny, pale, vivid person who prefers hearty meals. They have often a history of headaches as a child, spine is weak and that makes for bad posture. Abdominal muscles are weak . Especially on elder persons, these people are often slender, but  have  a big tummy. To complete the picture, their arms and legs feel heavy, they have numbness and tingling in the hands and perspire heavily... When illnesses are protracted, Calcium phosphoricum X6 or X12 on a daily basis (5 tablets) helps regeneration as it stimulates the immune system. Rachitis (deformed bones in childhood due to malnutrition) calls for Schuessler # 2, as well as chronic eczemas and allergies

#3.   Iron phosphate (Ferrum phos)

Iron phosphate pictures also a pale complexion, but it more the "Snoewhite type" - pale skin, blue eye-shadows (or brownish on  eye-shadows on dark haired persons) , they perspire and get cold very easily, they are prone to cirucaltion disorders and rheumatic diseases. They love to drink lots of - preferrably cold - water and do not at all like meat or milk. Women of the Iron phosphate type suffer from menstruation disorders (too early and too heavy menstruation bleeding) Usually conventional medicine substitutes then Iron as tablets. Sometimes that's not tolerated well and leads to bad diarrheas. With Iron phosphate  X6 or eventually X12 these conditions (low blood count due too heavy menstruation bleeding) can be treated even better, as the Iron ions are better integrated within the cells, when the mineral is taken in a homeopathic dose. Iron phosphate is the first-to-try remedy on an acute spell of flu or throat ache. There one may take one tablet of X6 every minute. The same goes for injuries, especially when they are bleeding. In most cases the diseases that fit for Iron phosphate are very acute and often serious. Therefore it is also important to see a health professional if such health problems occur.

# 4.   Potassium chloride (Kali mur) 

Potassium chloride is the best sinus remedy. Its used for  the stuffy nose, and also for hearing problems when the ears are internally swollen. All mucosa is very sensitive, the tongue is covered with a whitish gray layer, the intestines are prone to diarrhea. Cold beverages are not well tolerated. The typical Potassium chloride type is rather chubby.

Potassium chloride is also the best remedy when inflammations are past the acute stage.

Potassium chloride can be tried (as well as Thuja) as a remedy for unwanted side-effects after vaccination. Hearing problems with or without history of vaccinations also correspond well.

Potassium chloride can also help against  hunger spells, especially if this  hunger  spell can be overcome by the drinking of (not too cold) water,

# 5.   Potassium phosphate  (Kali phos)

Potassium phosphate is the muscle and nerve remedy among Schuesslers Salts. It also makes a great remedy for students with  problems concentrating. The forgetfulness of the elderly can be addressed well with Potassium chloride as well as sleeping disorders and nervous heart trouble. The remedy picture calls for the slender, weak, grumpy, depressed without reason persons. All disturbances, like asthma, heart conditions, itching of the skin, stomach ache are nerve related. Circulation is bad and body fluids tend to smell noisome



# 6.    Potassium sulphate (Kali sulph)

Potassium sulphate is the remedy when the inflammation has reached its suppuration stage and becomes puss. One may say that is the last stage before an inflammation becomes chronic.. Rattling slimey noise in the lungs with no real cold calls for this remedy.

Potassium sulphate works well for nerves and joints. The type who needs it, is sad and fearful, suffers often from neuralgic pain in the face, wakes up at night and has palpitation. Whose skin itches, when the bed gets warm, who suffers from rheumatic diseases - they all could try this remedy.

# 7   Magnesium phosphate (Mag phos)

Magnesium phosphate is famous as "The Hot Seven"

In the US Mag phos is listed as Number 8

Here 10 tablets of Mag phos are diluted in a glass of hot water, diluted and taken in small sips. It assimilates fast and  takes all kinds of stomach or intestinal cramps, menstruation cramps or muscles pain

Magnesium phosphate is the painkiller of the cell salts.

Magnesium phosphate typus is stubborn, nervous and pain sensitive, slender, prone to migraine headaches and heart congestions that come from being bloated (Roemheld)

 # 8.   Sodium chlorite (Nat mur)

Sodium chloride is the chemical name for the salt, that you use in your kitchen. Without salt we would die immediately, as sodium is the major part of the bodies liquid metabolism

In conjuction with Schuessler Cell Salt 9 and 10 it makes a great drink to eliminate uric acid fast.
Sodium chloride can be taken against high blood pressure and also against  migraine headaches  that relate to malnourished  blood vessels in the brain.

Pale anemic rheumatic disease plagued people should take Nat mur reagularly to eliminate the acids. 

The typus for Nat mur is pale, has a cold nose tip, tends to lean on any support, has pounding morning headaches, tends to love any kind of hearty meals, hunger spells and fast saturation are common for this typus as well. Also some tendency to get a diarrhea easily.

As every homeopathic remedy, Nat mur works for animals too. I gave my dog, Sally, when she had a diarrhea, that could not be stopped with the vets treatment, daily  doses of nat mur for a month. Then she was ok.

I came to try this remedy, because it has in the characteristics:

"shy when someone watches while urinating." Well, during the treatment at the vet, he demanded us to get a urine sample of her. We were chasing her with a little container in hand, and the more we tried the more she went ballistic. We finally gave up, because she signaled us, she did not like it at all been stared at or even disturbed in the procedure. :-))))


# 9.   Sodium phosphate (Nat Phos)

The slender manager with chronic acid stomach problems needs Sodium phosphate X12, as this relates to a chronic condition. The face is often pale, yellowish, lymphatic glands are swollen. There is a tendency to develop rheumatic diseases and gout. In general one may say, that person reacts easily to be "sour"


# 10.   Sodium sulphate (Nat Sulph)

If the head feels "clouded", Nat Sulph should be given a try. Especially when the person tends to obesity and is having spells of gout. As this remedy aims to the liver, the layer on the tongue is yellow-brown-greenish. There is also a tendency to develop Diabetes type 2. There is bloating on the colon descendens (left) and a tendency to react with diarrhea

# 11.   Silicea

Is the remedy to treat puss and bad odors. The constituion of the typus needing Silicea is described as hollow faced, with weak connective tissue and grey white teint. This person is overreacting on all kinds of disturbances, whining, resenting meat, having sweaty hands, nail diseases, athlets feet, .... all these are symptoms that may want Silicea as a remedy.

Precaution during pregnancy: To avoid any lack of minerals, pregnant women should take throughout the pregnancy 1 tablet a day of Calcium phos and Calc fluor X 6. Once a week a drink with 3 of all 11 cell salts helps mother and child to stay healthy and to utilize all the minerals, that come with the food digested.

In the US there is a remedy (Bioplasma made by Hyland) available that contains all Schüssler cell salts in one tablet.