Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods


Homeosiniatrie means, that injections of homeopathic remedies are applied to certain acupunture points.

The basic idea was, that acupuncture points are important energy points on the bodys surface. If you add the best suiting homeopathic remedy into the skin on this acupuncture point you get a  double  effect.

For example. I know that an acupuncture point corresponds with the appendix, if I also know, that some homeopathic remedies correspond to the remedy picture of an appendicitis, then it seems logical to combine both methods. There is one producer of homeopathic remedies in Germany  (Steigerwald AP Injektionen 1-12) who is manufacturing injectable homeopathics exactly for that purpose.

To discuss the appendicitis: No doubt that it is vital to the patients health, that an inflamed appedix needs to be taken out by surgery. But, as per my opinion, the decision to operate is made often too quickly - at least this is my experience in Germany. The appendix is an important lymphatic organ that should not be given up so easily. If the AP X (ten) plus Acidum formicicum X4 by Steigerwald is injected on the acupuncture point Stomach 36, the appedix irritation can subside and the appedix can be saved. I was able to see that phenomenon about ten times in my own practice.

Same is valid for the Gall Bladder:  AP III (three) by Steigerwald injected to the relative injection point can cure all digestive disorders or headaches , that are caused  from a gall bladder dysfunction

There are acupuncture points for the heart, the lungs, the nerves there is almost no limit in applicable varieties of points and remedies