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The web does not offer much on Baunscheidtism in English, so I'll try my best to explain it.

The Baunscheidt method is a very old method, named after its inventor Carl Baunscheidt.  (1809 -  1873) who  was a teacher, manufacturer of agricultural appliances and inventor of  rifle-visors as well as mother-milk pumps.  In 1847 he developed an "artificial leech" and 1848 he invented the so called "Lebenswecker" (could be translated as re-vitalisator) a device that was very successfully sold in Germany and among German immigrants in the USA.

The Baunscheidt appliance 

works with a round set of needles, that is hidden in the shaft of the device. Once set off by a suspension, the snap-on needles will cause little scarifications in the upper layer of the skin. The needles are adjustable, so that the skin is scarified, but no blood vessels are hurt. This procedure enhances the production of lymph fluid. Lymph fluid also leaks through these scarifications on the skin. This small irritation brings more energy into the Baunscheidt- treated area.

Baunscheidt recommanded, for example for people with weakness or digestion problems to scarify the region around the navel every morning. Thats where the name "Lebenswecker" (word by word translation " wake up life" ) came from.

To use Baunscheidt as a detox device, there was a so called Baunscheidt-Oil availabe. Baunscheidt Oil was highly irritable to the skin and caused an artificial inflammation. The recipe of Baunscheidt Oil was never revealed by Baunscheidt himself, but successors of his method created a substance that is said to work in the same way as the original. The scarificed region would be dabbed with that irritating oil, thus creating the wanted artificial inflammation, This region would then be covered with a cotton-gaze and bandaged for three days until the inflammation in form of small pimples  subsided. That stimulus would re-set the immune system in a very particular way. I never used this oil, because I had heard, that it lead to permanent discolorations on the skin.

Baunscheidtism can be used everywhere on the bodys surface where one wants to replenish energy. 

Exhaustion is treated with the "Lebenswecker"  device by scarificing the whole back alongside the spine.

Chronic nerv pain, that does not correspond to any treatment one might  try to treat with Baunscheidtism (with or without Baunscheidt Oil)

Don't try Baunscheidt by yourself, this should be done by someone who knows that method well!

The so-called Aschner Zones (reflex-zones)  on the back can be treated with the "Lebenswecker" and have a remote effect on the underlying organs. So for exaple the thyroid can be treated via the 7th cervical vertebra, while weakness of the  pelvic organs get treated around the 5th lumbar vertebra.

Using it in my practice for a long time I learned, that in most of the cases, it is enough to use just the device to scarifice the skin and not to use the Baunscheidt oil at all.  The leaking lymph is a strong stimulus to produce more lymphatic fluid, which is good for the immune system.

The famous naturopath Hoffmann calls Baunscheidtism "healing puncture"