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How it looks like,

Where to find it,

How to take care fo it

The light blue,sometimes a little greenish stone has fascinated me from the beginning. It is very rare. It is found only in the carribean and Domenican Republic

The maintain the efect of the Larimar you rinse the stone every evening with lukewarm water and regenerate it sometimes in the morning or evening sud. Never expose a arimar in the midday sun because  the healing properties disappear.


They say tha Larimar was a remenant of the fabulous Atlantis. Mainly the Indians in North and Southamerica use this stone for their religious rituals.

Healing effect

The strong vibration of this healingstone makes it a one for all healing stone. It cleanses body and mind and has an excellent effect on everything that grows. It enhances a healthy bone growth of kids and when people are aging it has the beneficial effect that it prevents osteoporosis. It soothes problems with the joints and gives more freedom of motion in spiritual aspects . People that are trying to find themselves should wear this beautiful blue stone and also place it under their pillow at night. They are more likely to find their own way without hurting any other people.

The Larimar is related due to its blue-green color to the throat chakra and to the heart chakra. It has a beneficial effect on heart and circulartion as well as on hormones.


The Larimar is the birthstone for Gemini