Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

The Universe

The Moon
From ancient days people have watched the moon and have adapted to its rules. This old knowledge becomes more and more considered, as we learn that it is better to live with the rhythm of cosmic nature.
The full Moon
Many of us are familiar with its negative effects because they sleep poorly, if at all, when the moon is full. Some people feel more aggressive than usual. Police and hospitals can always tell when there is „full moon“ The positive effect of the full moon: Herbs, that are harvested at the full moon are said to have the best potency.

The waning Moon
supports everything that needs to be broken down, decomposed. Fasting, elimination cures, cremes that shall remove something on the skin, diuretic remedies - they all work better when applied in the waning moon. Surgeries should be done in the time of the waning moon, there will be less build-up of scar tissue. Abscesses open easier in this particular time.When poultices are made in that time. The waning moon is a good time to harvest everything that is under the surface(roots)

The new Moon
The most important fasting day in the moons cycle. There are many people who refrain from eating and drink a lot of water on every new moon day and their health  benefits.

The waxing Moon
A good time to apply or introduce something new. Building cures, for instance, medications that shall add something - like minerals and vitamins work the best when given in this period. It is also the best time to harvest the crop above the ground.
Ingrown toenails should only be cut during the waxing moon - it slows their growth

The Moon, the Stars and the Signs

Our organs and organ systems are really affected by the constellation through which the moon courses each month. Let us just start with

Aries days are headache days. Everything is involved from the crown of the head down to the chin. A real eye-opener on Aries days (and not only then) is to apply a little bit of saliva to wipe the eyes clear first thing in the morning. The best time to harvest healing herbs for the head are Aries days. They are especially effective then. Eye bright for poultice is particularly healing when picked during the waxing moon on Aries days. Headaches get much better when you drink  a lot of water on Aries days. Another Aries related herb is Shepherds Pouch. Its poultice applied to the neck or its tea taken cold stops nose bleeding immediately.
Adenoids should never be operated on Aries days. They come back fast then..

This is the day where the speakers have to be careful. Avoid drafts of cold air and long speeches, because the throat is so vulnerable on Taurus days. People with hyperactive thyroid glands should take a blood cleansing tea between 3.00 and 7.00 pm of waning moon days and watercress tea on waxing moon days
Gemini days mean shoulders, arms and hands get easier affected. Massages have the best effect on Gemini days

Everything in the upper chest, from the lungs down to the gallbladder can be treated not at the best time. Bronchitis responds to poultices in the best way at this time. For heartburn you should drink raw potato juice or healing earth. Cancer days are the best time to apply warm liver gallbladder poultices. Gall bladder remedies should be started on Cancer days and go for two complete moon cycles.

Leo days have their effect on heart an circulation. Blood letting is very effective  for people with high blood pressure as well as no-salt days on Leo. People with sluggish circulation and low blood pressure get easier started, when they do their gymnastics religiously on Leo days. Leo days are the best days for AutoSanguis Therapy and blood cleansing cures for arthritis.

Virgo days affect digestion. Only emergency surgery on the digestive system on Leo days

Libra days affect hips, kidney and bladder. Drinking lots of Blind Nettle Tea or other organ relevant herbs mainly between 3.00 and 7.00 pm helps prevent all kinds of ailments in this particular area. Refrain from hip surgery during Virgo, Libra nd Scorpio days!

this is the best time to do everything for the lower abdomen. Colonics are perfect now! No hemorrhoid surgeries - except emergencies. Cold feet are double  harmful as on other days, because everything pertaining to the lower abdomen has a stronger effect

These days affect the spine and the upper thigh. Whatever you can do for these body parts - it will be double as helpful as on other days. But beware, that everything bad can become  worse on these days. So, for instance sciatic problems occur more easily, you tire faster and you should avoid long hikes.

stands for knee, skin and bones
That's the best day for stretching exercises.

Aquarius days have its effect on calves and ankles. Treatments for varicose veins are particularly effective on Aquarius days, but beware of surgery on veins. Never on Aquarius days!

Pisces days are the days for the feet. They are the best days to receive a Foot Reflexology Treatment. Pisces days stand for high moisture air. Don‘t ventilate beds or clothes outside on Pisces days.

 and get  this.....

Hair that gets regularly cut on Leo days between February and August grows better

Haircuts  on Virgo days hold better shape and all perms will last longer

In Europe the Beauty Salons have adapted to these rules and their patrons find it works

The Sun

Without Sun there is no Life

Many people experience depressions during winter season. Especially those who are living way up north, because of very little sunlight at this time

What does the sun do for us....

Converting pro-vitamin D into vitamin D the sun helps us prevent rickets. We  produce enough Melatonin when we are exposed to sunlight, we get less infections and depressions and we sleep better. We are simply better off. And guess why people are much more friendly the more south we go (in the northern hemisphere of course) - The sun does it

The appropriate dosage

There is an old saying: The dosage makes the poison. It is true for the sunlight too.

We are all educated, that we should not stay in the sun too long, should get our Light protection Factor Cremes on and still the skin cancer rate is horrifyingly high. The best way to a healthy tan (and less wrinkles and less risk of skin cancer) stay out of the direct sunlight around noon. If you happen to take St. Johns Worth as an anti-depressant, be aware, that you are much more sensitive to sunburns. The skin cells never forget one sunburn.


What can you do if it happens ? You have a full blast sunburn - which is skin damage like burning or scalding you could try:
- apply fresh pressed lemon juice. It burns first, but the lemon oil soothes the burns, or
- apply St. Johns Worth oil or oil with Blind Nettle , or
- apply buttermilk as a poultice or
- cool chamomile tea as a poultice or the
- decoction of Quince stones (one tablespoon of Quince stones boiled in a half a pint of water for   15 minutes and well cooled down and applied as a poultice.
All these natural remedies help as well as the expensive ointments that you can buy.
If you develop fever or bad headaches  from your sunburn you should see a doctor
A beautiful facial mask is the papaya mask. Especially in tropical areas where you get the fruit ripened at its peak. Peeled and cored papayas are crushed or chopped in a blender and the generously applied on the face. This soothes the skin immediately.
For highly stressed skin try this: 1 capsule of Vitamin E (1000 mg) (D-Alpha Tocopherol!) cut open and mixed in the palm with some drops of almond oil is deliberately spread on face and throat and neck and décolleté. Allow to penetrate. Also a good body lotion is almond oil. Almond oil is also good for your hair when the tips get dry. If you want to extend your vacation tan? First do a good peeling before going into the sun. Tan in the shadow, it takes longer and lasts longer! Apply every now and then freshly pressed carrot juice and almond oil. Drink 1 glass of carrot juice (fresh!!!) every day - if you cant, Beta-carotine does the trick as well.

Sun Allergies

Sun allergies are a strong warning signal - it‘s enough! Get out of the sun! In the evening apply one of the remedies mentioned under „sunburn“. Sun-allergy-sensitive  people used to take „MERSOL“ as a medication before they started their vacation. (It was available in Europe)

Now you have to combine it by yourself:
5mg Folic acid tablet
200,0 mg Nicotinamid= niacinamide
take 1 dose daily before going on vacation.
It is a reliable protection against sun-allergies.
It does not prevent sunburns if you overexpose your skin to the sun!!

The other thing that someone prone to allergies should always have is calcium in a easy digestible form (drinking ampules, for instance) People with history of sun allergies should avoid  fatty sun protection creams or lotions. They rather nourish the skin in the evening. In Europe we know a skin rash called „Mallorca acne“ It comes about when a sensitive person adds fatty creme to the skin, goes into the sea and gets into the sun afterwards. In Europe we have a liquid, called Tschamba Fiji - it prevents sunburns and allergies.

The Sun- a natural remedy

Neurodermitis, that disappears during vacation by the ocean can be easily treated at home. The patient should then first soak in sea salt water (in severe cases the salt from the Dead Sea is recommended) followed by a visit to a sun booth.
Psoriasis patients get special radiation treatments (black box) at their dermatologists office

The Effect of artificial Sunlight
As long as the sun booth is well cared for and the recommended time is not exceeded.  New tubes, clean environment, etc. There is nothing wrong with sun booths in sun-poor times. But as mentioned before:
The dosage makes the poison.