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Colors......influence your life
Through colors, we express our moods
Colors are signals without words

Colors are vibrations, just like scents, which means, that even blind people can yet be aware of color vibrations. Once there was an experiment in which blind people in a Home for the Blind were put into a room, that had been decorated completely in red. The rate of mutual aggression rose from day one. This means, that too much of that red vibration had it‘s effect even when the people did not see it. If I had had that understanding at the time, I never would even thought about decorating my daughter‘s room in red. I did, and after a short time I had to redo the whole room, because she would become cranky, restless and aggressive. I instinctively felt, it had to do with her room and how it was decorated... Later I learnt that colors have in fact a very strong effect on the way we feel.

Advertising for instance, uses colorful stimulation very consciously, partly in order to catch the attention and partly to have the message penetrate into the subconscious mind
Nature plays lavishly with colors

like blossoms with their superb colors attract bees and thus secure their continuation. Animals - just think of the beautiful peacock - develop the most incredible colors to attract a partner and we, humans, respond consciously and unconsciously to the color stimulants provided by our surroundings.

Every color has it‘s own vibration, and similar to healing stones and healing fragrances, colors affect us in the sense of therapy as well.

To use colors therapeutically, there are several possibilities.
In my practice in Germany I had a MORA color apparatus. With this apparatus color vibrations penetrate the patient‘s organism via hand held electrodes. Another therapeutic approach of color therapy is Aura Soma, where the patient selects - guided by his/her subconscious mind - one of 100 bottles containing an oil water mixture in distinctive colors. The selected oil water mixture becomes emulsified by shaking the bottle and the mixture is applied on the patient‘s skin. Another very inexpensive possibility is, that you insert a colored light bulb and have this on throughout the night. Also here, the body absorbs the color radiation.

There are times in our lives, where we crave for certain colors. We call them our favorite colors and in the following chapters I will show you what it means, if you for instance choose the color red...


If anyone is asked for any kind of color, 99,9 % the answer is red. Red comes first to the mind, regardless of it being the favorite color or not.

Red is the color of the blood, red is the color of  the first chakra , red is an elemental color - the color of fire.

Red stands for vitality as much as for aggression. Whoever has read in school Schiller‘s poem „Die Glocke“ knows how he describes the bias aspects of fire: on the one side a friend of human beings by delivering warmth and on the other side a potential danger when it goes beyond control. Beneficial is the power of fire ... and woe, when it is unbridled

The same is true for the color RED

It‘s a bipolar world, and anything that can do good on one side might harm on the other
Red, in it‘S positive aspect intensifies activity, strength, circulation and stamina. Red gives us the sensation of warmth and security. Sitting for instance in an infra red cabin, you do not see any red light, but the vibration of red  provides that cozy feeling of comfort. Night bars create aromatic atmosphere by using red light. A fetus in its mother‘s womb recognizes first impression the color red. Red, and here we close the circle of chakras, healing stones and fragrances is a source of strength, really helping us, when we lack energy.

If there is already too much energy, for if you have an inflammation or fever then red would be the color to avoid. Also, when the level of aggression is already dangerously high, red would be the color to make everything worse. To cut a long story short: You can‘t have red everywhere.

Red as a main color of a room would sooner or later make everybody aggressive and restless. But red in clothing can put you really into high spirits. A lot of evening gowns are red for that reason. Red light improves circulation. Who suffers from poor circulation and spends in the morning 10-15 minutes in red radiation, can be assured to have more energy for the day. Some depressions may respond to red, but there are better colors to fight depressions.

To „digest“ red as color vibration - try rose hip tea. It has a warming, nourishing effect to the whole system.


is actually no basic color, but a mixture of red and yellow. Orange is the color of uplifted spirits, tenderness and lightness. Orange is the color of the  2nd chakra, the spleen chakra.
Orange makes friendly, optimistic and creative - too much of orange makes us effervescent and irascible.

Orange was the fad of the 70s. It was the time of revolution. Old thinking models were rejected and new - not well proven - ideas took place. It was the time of mental revolution. Seeing more orange in nowadays fashion again, tells us, that this is not accidental. Time is again ripe for another re-thinking process..

Orange, or it‘s softer variations, salmon, peach or apricot, are colors, that are especially suitable for rooms where people should feel at ease. For instance, my practice in Germany was harmoniously balanced with salmon and soft orange, to help my patients relax. When the sun would shine too bright, I would close the salmon semi-transparent curtains and create a nice atmosphere with that orange vibration....

For children, being  slow in their development, over-anxious and weepy,  a soft orange in their room would be the vibration, that transmits the best support for their development. If the a „orange“ aroma, like the one of Angelica, Rose or Mandarin additionally penetrates the room and an Aventurine or Rose QuarTz is slipped under the pillow, then everything along this line has been done to support a good and healthy development.

In depressions, orange light gets applied as radiation therapy. The orange vibes not only help the metabolism to digest everything better, but also psychological problems are assimilated better. While red, for instance, gives a good impetus to the unmotivatedly depressed mind, orange helps more for depressions where serious soul pain has not been rightly integrated.

If the wish to become pregnant has not been fulfilled, it can be expedient to burn a small lamp with an orange colored light bulb(max 25 Watt) The harmonizing orange vibrations optimize the energy of the spleen chakra, which reflects favorably in the endocrine  (or hormone) glands.
The tea of Marigold flowers (Calendula)  gives us the orange energy from within.


Yellow is the color of the sun, the color of light.

In wintertime we become well aware of reduced light and for this reason some contract winter depressions. These depressions respond very well to yellow-light-radiation.
Yellow is the color of choice to make small rooms appear optically larger, they seem to be brighter and more expanded. Class rooms should be kept in shades of yellow, because it is proven fact, that thinking flows easier in yellow rooms. Just like the Lemon grass and lemon fragrance clears the brain, the vibrations of the color yellow support clear thinking, concentrating and logical capacities.

To turn yellow of envy, it‘s not just a saying... Yellow is the color of  the navel chakra, and is thus connected to the gallbladder. So, when someone is disturbed by negative emotions, the bile flow stops and the persons skin turns yellow. Then, of course a yellow-light-radiation would not help at all, as there is already too much of yellow there. Blue, as the complimentary color of yellow would be the color of choice to treat such a condition.

Yellow light radiation is indicated, when nerves and muscles need to be strengthened, when digestive activities need to be stimulated or when arthritis, rheumatism or gout shall be treated. Here the same goes for „yellow“ fragrances and healing stones. They regulate the acid contents in the body. For instance, if someone is „sour“ (pH level too low) may it be physically or psychologically  that condition can be mitigated by means of yellow light radiation.

Yellow is the color of summer. Yellow is radiating by itself. Yellow communicates warmth, without being hot like orange or red. Yellow is light in it‘s purest form. When artists try to illustrate a nimbus  self illumination they give the sage the aura of yellow. Yellow is an organizing color, yellow gives clarity.

Our choices of colors are influenced by intuition. Assuming you cannot decide what color to wear today, because everything seems to be too dull and gray. Try a few minutes of yellow light radiation and the world looks brighter already. Sometimes it also helps to use the so-called color cards, that are put on the corresponding chakra and fill the deficit that way.
Internally we can create yellow vibrations by drinking chamomile tea


green is the grass, the leaves, everything that grows in nature - even our blood appears green in the depth of the ocean. Green chlorophyll stands for breath, life, renewal

Green is the color of the heart chakra

„My heart is yearning for green colors“ is the text of a German folk song, asking the spring to come. It expresses where we are affected by green. The heart opens up under the vibrations of green color.

Green is the color of the equilibrium. It regulates the vegetative nervous system and relaxes the entire chest space. Asthma patients should have green light radiation every day to keep the air tubes relaxed. The tight feeling inside the chest is also alleviated, when green Aura Soma oil water emulsions are applied to the heart chakra region.

Green color vibes can lower the blood pressure. This also shows the limits of the  possibilities of application: Too much green could relax so much, that the patient feels dazed.

But, generally, green is the color for the cells. Green vibrations are used to work on tumors and cysts. Green is the right vibration to add in case of pain or cold. At the peak of the flu season it can be helpful to irradiate yourself with green light for 15 minutes a day. The immune system works much better then.

I use green as a therapeutical color, when the digestive tract is somewhat tensed up (psychologically conditioned), when the bile flow is too slow and when stomach and liver are not working well, when there is a tight feeling inside the chest due to high blood pressure or cases of short breath. For these indications the irradiation (or MORA application) with green provide more room and calmness.

In Psychotherapy green radiation can be used in cases of claustrophobia (= anxiety in small spaces) or to calm down very agitated persons, as green is the complimentary color of red.

As a color for rooms, green is good to create an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

Eating wood ruff or drinking it‘s tea gives us the green energy from within. And, whoever wants to experience the green vibrations in full, should adopt a vegetarian lifestyle


Blue is the color of two elements: the water and the sky Blue transmits the sensing of unlimited space. The color blue is already applied when someone wants to symbolize loyalty. A naive decision is called „blue-eyed“ and someone making „a blue day“ takes off without any responsibility.

The blue vibration is cooling, that is why blue light irradiation is used to treat inflammations. While green quietly radiates a particular dynamism, blue is rather static. The energy of blue radiation affect the brain and the nerves. When my patients were in pain from inflammations  from nerve pains my color of choice in the MORA apparatus would have been blue. The application of Aura Soma Nr. 0 (blue) would help as well.

Blue is also the color of the thyroid chakra. Hyperthyroidism is a disturbance of the thyroid gland that comes with great unrest. Applying blue vibrations helps soothe down the nerves and balances the thyroid. The restless patient feels much better after a short period of radiation.

As blue has so many strong indications where to apply it, there is no wonder the same number of restrictions apply for this color. Because blue is so static, it cannot not at all be used on paralysis - even though paralysis  is related to the nerves. It has to do with the dynamics of this disease. The same is true for depressions. They may be intensified. The English word for depressions is „the blues“ -Suffering from it, you would not want to enhance it with blue colors... Low blood pressure is another contraindication, having a cold or flu is another one.  But, wherever blue is contraindicated, it‘s complimentary color, yellow is the color of choice.

Blue in psychotherapy is strongly indicated, when a patient would not release thoughts or addictions. Whoever would like to renounce an addiction - be it alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, should at least once a day have an irradiation with blue light for 10-15 minutes. The unrest, caused by the addict‘s cravings, ceases fast. For sleeplessness it is good to have a little lamp with blue light bulbs burning throughout the night (max 25 Watt) In my practice I would just apply the blue color by the MORA apparatus or by putting the blue Aura Soma  emulsion on the patients throat.

Blue healing stones are another fine opportunity to apply blue vibrations to the body. Lapis Lazuli, a healing stone (gem) has a very fine tuning effect on the throat area, as well as the aquamarine.

Green oats is said to bring the most healing power in terms of blue energy into the whole system.


Many books have been published  about purple healing energies. Purple or violet is the color of the chakra on the crown. Everything, that has to do with the hormones is favorably influenced by purple vibration. Women‘s Lib Movement has selected this as a lead color for good reason.
Purple is the blend of red and blue, Hot and cold are mixed in one color. The effect of this color irradiation is correspondingly equalizing.

Purple is the color of spiritualisation, self communion. Purple is the color that is often chosen for color meditations, when the effort is focussed into the deep inner strata of the spiritual being. Purple is  the color for our five senses. Purple light strengthens the eyes, improves hearing, refines the taste and the ability to smell, and supports the sense of touch. The invisible ultraviolet light has similar properties. As long as we receive sufficient sunshine our senses work just fine.

The larger the percentage of red is in purple, the more the color vibration affects the blood. The formation of red and white blood corpuscles, the circulation, even the mineral metabolism are favorably influenced by purple or violet light.

In a book about healing influences of colors i learned, that the quality of food can be evaluated by their vibrations in their spectral area. The more color vibrations occur in food items, the better it gets assimilated by our system. Denatured food items obtain poor values. All life has disappeared from it. Let me quote one example: Fresh butter has a large vibrational spectrum (mainly blue) while „light margarine“ reveals only brown vibrations. Brown vibrations are categorized as  unhealthy.  R. Brantschen, the author of the book „Healing with lights and colors“ stresses the point, that a wholesome nutrition is essential to our lives. He irradiates sick patients with purple healing energy only, stating the perspective, that all aspects of healing are included herein...

Violet or purple energy can also be brought into the body through passion-flower