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Not only in times of health reforms  people have wondered how to remain healthy at minimal cost. In this context it is interesting to discover that health is also available at no cost....
Let us start with the best enjoyed

Laughter ... SMILE ... and the world smiles back

One of the first positive and healthy emotions human beings become consciously aware of is joy. The first thing a baby sees is mother’s smile. Communication with the world perhaps begins with a smile. Think of the emotions you are aware of when someone smiles at you or when you smile.  Endorphins, the so-called „happiness - hormones“ are spilled out with every smile and laughter.

Whenever I think of laughter  as connected with health, the story of our friend George comes to my mind. Many years ago, when he had to undergo intestinal cancer surgery and subsequent chemotherapy, he was very depressed. His doctor recommended that he provide himself with numbers of funny videos and laugh heartily while watching them for several hours a day. More than ten years have passed since then and George is still alive and healthy. I am sure, that the daily dose of laughter has helped George regain his health.

Somewhere I read about depression: If you want to deal with depression, look into the mirror and smile to yourself every morning. If done honestly ...there won‘t be any more room for sad thoughts

For a Zen Buddhist, only that day qualifies to be considered a good day, which has brought about a smile on another human being.

A neat idea, which you can take along from the morning for the whole day...

is the sister of laughing. Everybody who has watched children, knows how closely connected laughing and crying really is. While laughing is a liberating valve, when e.g. a concern is already solved, crying ventilates worries and tensions. Tears can contain a high load of adrenaline. Once this adrenaline is discharged you feel lighter.

Women who may cry more easily, have, probably for this reason, fewer myocardial infarctions and stomach ulcers, as the cried out adrenaline can no longer damage the body..

By crying I do not mean the depressant weeping. This kind of crying makes the person feel worse. A depressed weeping is exhausting and brings no advantage to the organism. Here it is very important to practice „clearance of the thoughts“ When dark thoughts  will take over  you must turn your focus to pleasant things, that you have chosen before. That can be an upcoming vacation, winning the lottery or find the partner of your  dreams... Dale Carnegie describes in his book „Don`t worry, live!“ these mechanisms.

Another high-pressure valve is


Nowadays it is practiced as  „Primal Scream“ in expensive courses. It is a releasing roaring, without injuring another. It is actually a shame, that we are made to lose track of it. There is hardly any more liberating than to let out a horrendous scream. That releases adrenaline in one shot and neutralizes it. Such screaming is recommendable whenever you feel under pressure, for whatever reason. Often you can‘t find someone else responsible for a situation that you experience as extremely stressful. In this case a scream helps you to reduce aggression. A good location to let go of a hearty scream is easy to find. There are no limits to fantasy: beach, woods, car, basement, attic, wherever.


Wilhelm Busch an  early German cartoonist took it this way:
„Where one sings you can quietly sit down, because bad people have no songs. „
Have you ever tried singing with your heart filled with anger? It won‘t work. Instead of a clear sound you will only feel the proverbial lump in your throat. Whoever wants to sing must be able to breathe deeply, otherwise no sensible sound will come out of the larynx. So, sing relaxed, freely focussing on text, sound and breath. Whoever is not into songs, could at least try to play with the vocals in order to help the health.
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih.... (like in Free)
is the vibration for the head, especially the sinuses. Whoever steadily pronounces or sings the tone „eeeee“ as in free, helps release complaints that may be affected there
Eeeeeeeeh...(like in Crest)
is the right vibration for the throat. If you sing or intonate „eee“ ,like in crest, you actually clear your throat, such as tonsils and larynx
Aaaaaaah.... (like in hurrah)
is the vocal frequency for the stomach area. If you tend to experience stomach cramps try long stretched „aaaa“sounds , like in „hurrah“  in order to release the tension. Don‘t be surprised, if it is hard to do, the first time you try it.
Ooooooooh....(like in tomato)
is the sound for the upper abdomen. A long stretched „oooo“, as in „tomato“ often effects miracles for children with tummy aches.
Uuuuuuuuh (like in Who)
is the sound for the lower abdomen. All elimination problems (for example constipation or bladder cramps) can be relieved by singing or saying the sound „uuuuuh“ ,as in „who“