Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods


Children become cranky when they are blocked in their natural drive for motion. We, the adults, become accustomed to outer limitations and settle content wit a  minimum of motion. The price we pay for  this „lazyness“ is high...

In times, when there are ever more clever machines to replace our own physical movements, exercise and free motion are widely neglected.

Without motion hardly any of the body‘s built up adrenaline gets released. Especially people under stress the whole day long must balance this with free flowing motion in the evening. Many problems with the spine would never develop, if only the metabolism in muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments would get stimulated by more motion...

Truly, nowadays, we have no lack of sports programs, fitness studios and other such opportunities, but still absent is a steady amount of motion during each day. Although it is better than nothing,  when the stress plagued manager puts on his running shoes on Sundays, but, it would be better if - during the week - he would use the stairs instead of the elevator and walk an appropriate distance every day.

On the other hand, false, and one-sided motion does more harm than good. Many who have hurt themselves mimicking the latest exercise fads without proper instruction can sing the blues on this. I‘m thinking here of jogging, aerobics, stretching etc. The list, as well as the list of injuries that come with untrained exercises is long.

With every form of motion, the feeling for the body must be observed. If the body signals with pain that something is not going right, take this as a warning to be taken seriously in your own interest. Natural motions, such as walking, swimming, biking, riding, dancing are recreational for  body, mind and soul when practiced correctly and without ambition. Whoever raises children should make sure that they have no shortage of motion. Only can  then develop a feeling for their bodies needs


Perspiring or sweating is an important valve for the body. It regulates the interior temperature of the body  like an air-condition controls  the temperature in a  house. When the outer temperature gets too hot, the moist layer of perspiration on the body keeps the body temperature constant through the resultant transpiration. Or in a fever crisis, the body‘s first sign  of the healing is, when it sheds sweat, in course of which the temperature drops to normal levels.

As we loose a lot of minerals while perspiring, we must be sure to replace them. For this reason it is highly recommended that tourists in high temperature countries have to take salt tablets to avoid cramps. The same is valid for athletes who spend themselves in their competition.

Toxins are also eliminated from the pores due to perspiration. For this reason perspiration can be considered as a form of prophylactic health care. This has been usefully applied in all cultural circles by providing some type of sauna procedure. There are the „sweat tents“ of the North American Indians as well as the well known versions of the Finnish log house saunas. The principle is the same everywhere. High temperature gets created in a small room, whether it is done in a wood stove, an electric oven with stones, a steam fogger with high temperature or, the latest fashion, the infrared sauna. The temperature goes up and the body, in order to keep the „coretemperature“ on the same level, begins to perspire. As a lot of toxins are stored in fatty tissue under the skin, the cleansing effect occurs promptly and continues till the cooling phase. The Finnish sauna is intended only for healthy people for their health maintenance. The infrared sauna may be used also by people whose health is not that perfect. But here, as well as in every treatment, restrictions may apply.

Whoever is ill and wants to fight sickness with perspiration, must observe some rules. In this process it is important that heart and circulation don‘t get over stressed. The patient gets wrapped in a warm blanket after a hot bath and drinks hot tea  (preferably lime blossom tea) Perspiration developing from this process has some fever decreasing effect and helps the immune system to eliminate inflammatory remnants of the body.


Waking up in the morning with sticky eyelids, one may try to rub the eyes with saliva. They will be clear quickly.
A little bit of saliva rubbed upon an insects bite removes it‘s itchiness.
The morning saliva rubbed on warts during a waning moon is said to help to get rid of them


Many books have been written about it in Europe. So I will limit myself to own successful experiences. One can try to dab eczema with urine. They heal then really quickly. The same goes for insect bites and every type of inflammatory skin afflection such as acne  or a sunburn.

For this purpose you take a little midstream urine by releasing some first, then holding and putting a container  underneath and catching some urine. Then apply the urine with a cotton swap or QTip. Let it penetrate for several hours. If the skin tightens a neutral moisture cream may be added. On minor wounds it has proven helpful to pad urine first on the wounded or squeezed area and add then „Traumeel“ ointment (available in Health food stores) Everything heals in less than half the time ...

Neurodermitis sometime responds very favorably to extern urine treatments. For this, it is the best to use a little bit of evening urine and dab cautiously the rough and split skin areas with a cloth that has been steeped in the urine. While doing this treatment on babies, it is not advised to use disposable diapers, because they are all treated with chemicals. A simple cotton cloth, folded several times, is more suitable for catching the urine. It can also immediately be used for the dabbing.


Many allergies and skin diseases have been cured this way:
A naturopathic therapist  with the knowledge and skills in the AutoSanguis Therapy (also known as Auto-hemotherapy)  takes blood from the patient‘s vein, mixes it with adequate homeopathic remedies and reapplies it via intramuscular injection . Applying only a small amount of the own blood, activates the patients immune system. AutoSanguis Therapy is an old,  proven treatment that has been successfully used in Europe for a long time.