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Psychological Problems and Learning Disorders

I have no idea how the American school system is structured, but I know for sure, that the German school system is brutal and not efficient. Homeopathy is one way to help all those troubled kids, that are left behind,  without giving them "lifestyle  drugs"


If he kid is afraid of everything and anything. It's the typical little milquetoast who is clinging to Mamas skirts and  who is freaking out over everything that's new, you should try Aconite X 200 - 5 pellets a day - to make it easier for mother and child

If the kid is like paralized from anxiety it should get
Arsenicum album X 200 - 5 pellets a day

If the nerves are irritated from too much influence from any adventure or just too much looking tv, when the child is completely out of control, or when the anxiety is caused by school stress you might want to try Phosphorus X 200 -  5 pellets in the morning and Coffea X 200  - 5 pellets in the evening.

Fear of going to school (or also of the first visit at the daycare or kindergarten) could be addressed in the morning with 5 pellets of Argentum Nitricum X 200. The kid then suffers less from fear of separation and is more open to new experiences

Fussy Phillip - Fidgety Child

If the child does not find one moment of rest and is at the same time cranky, ot should be given Chamomile X 200 - 5 pellets a day. The homeopathic chamomile brings about the sunshine in your kid

If the hyperacitvity is caused by lack of motion, there is only one best cure. Send the kid out to play and roam around. If that's not enough, then you can give the kid Zincum valerianicum X 200 in the evening. It will help the kid to calm down.

If Aconite X 200 did not do the trick on kids that can't wind down after too much excitement, they might come down with Rhus toxicodendrom X 200 (5 pellets)

Choleric kids, little red-heads that have a hard time concentrating, and are proneto catch colds easily, could be treated with a systematic treatment  with Natrium Oxalaceticum X 200 (5 pellets once  a week)

There is a homeopathic complex remedy available in Germany that is called  Zappelin, that helps for all different kinds of anxiety.

Students having learning disorders, can try the following  homeopathic remedies. I got mixed feedbacks, from "this ist magic "- to "It did not do anything" . So it is the crux with homeopathy, that it has to fit like key in a keyhole to work optimum.

There is a tale in Germany that someoone in Nürnberg  had invented a

kind of funnel to lead on all knowledge directly to the brain.... Homeopathy is sure is not that funnel, but it is always worth a try to make the kids or their parents and teachers life easier. Sometimes only some little pellets gave the kick to  success. After one success often the self esteem is strengthened and everything goes easier.

Vaccination side effect = Learning Disorders?

When the kids reaction to one or more of the numerous vaccinations, that are give the kids nowadays, cause heavy reactions, then it could be,  that some years later the kid develops an irreversible effect like legasthenia. Pyrogenium D200  once a week given as 5 pellets isthe remedy of choice when vaccination side effects have led to learning disorders..

Acute vaccination side effects are treated immediately with a potency accord of Thuja (like in Thuja Injeel forte by Heel)

I remember when my Great-grandson Fabio was vaccinated on one day with two shots of in total 7 !!! different vaccines,  we all thought that little guy would loose his mind. He would scream like mad for about an hour and you could tell that he had a terrible headache. When I was informed about his condition, I raced to the pharmacy to get the Thuja Injeel, gave him one ampule orally and within an other 15 minutes the screaming stopped. He slept well that night. The next dayhe seemed ok, except for beeing extrememly moody. I saw him every week and every time I saw him, I gave him Thuja X 200 - 5 pellets. He had a nasal discharge for almost a year until the toxins of that vaccination were eliminated. In that time he changed back to the sunny character that he had been before vaccination.

Thuja as LM6 is given, when the kid has been a cry-baby, that could hardly be calmed down. After three minths of giving a daily dose of LM 6 you change to LM 12, then to LM 18 and finally to LM 30. Kids, that correspond well to this  remdy calm down, are ven-tempered and they get better grades in school

----I'm still working on it


is the best remediy to try when react to stress in school with tumy aches or if there is a supicious reaction to vaccination side effects.. One dose weekly (5 pellets) should be given over a longer period of time (6 months)


is applied, after rapid growing has overstressed the kids organism. It also a good remedy when difficulties in school lead to headaches

One dose weekly (5 pellets) should be given over a longer period of time (6 months)

Blocked talents

The following remedies are sorted in  talents. that can be blocked If nothing else is recommended you give one time a day 5 pellets or drops. I'm describing the remedy picture and the type of kid that coresponds best to it.

This dylexia is far more common as usually known

Pale child that is unable to remember well

Kid is not taking advice, also on obvious mistakes

motoric hyperactive kids that can't memorize fast


Should be tried on all red-facedchildren. It is also helpful if they are stutering and get irate very easily


If the kid is highly intelligent and is suffering of dyslexia or has been diagnosed with MCD (minimal brain dysfunction) you give systematic treatments in different potencies. After the first 5 g of Medorrhinum LM 6 you give the next bottle LM 12, LM 18 and then LM 30

Problems with Math

...believe it or not, There are some proven homeopathic remedies

if simple calculation already cause problems, if there is no understanding of the nature of math and the kid starts counting relatively late then Syphyllinum LM6-30 should be given systematically.

It is also a good remedy for the all time forgettable little  scatterbrain.


Is the remedy of coice, when kids are unable to realize mistake, even if they are pointed at

CALCIUM CARBONICUM D200 (once a week)

the playful chubby dreamy kid that could care less about Math. If there is also a history of milk crust in baby times the remedy picture fits perfectly.

should be tried out, if the kid is not getting along in school due to problems with stress.

STAPHISAGRIA D200 - once a week 5 pellets -           
isthe remedy if the kid reacts with tantrums when difficulties arise


Is the remedy of the little chaos type, that despises to shower and who loves a mess. If there are problems in school with Math Sulfur LM6-30 can be given systematically 5 drops once a day

Of there are problems with SCIENTIFIC SUBJECTS, it shows that the logical understanding is not well developped.

If there is general a problem with logic conclusions,

when the brain seems paralized when it comes to problems in scientific subjects.

always the remedy of choice when emotional strain is blocking the ability to think

If the difficulties are confined to Chemistry, you might try

a hyperactiv and easily stressed (ambitious) student

when the emaotions tend to helplessness

when the kid is easy crying

If the problems are more in PHYSCS - means when complex thinking processes are disturbed, you should try

pale stdents that are short breathed


Students with fat and acne skin problems - sometimes the skin improves dramatically with this remedy


depressive students might try this remedy