Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods


Milk crust
Babies and toddlers with milk crust are mostly prone to allergies. In many cases their parents suffer from some allergies as well. Aside of the well recommended oil rubs the weekly administration of Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni X 200 (5 pellets a day) is a good way to improve that allergic constitution. If the baby is not nursed and shows signs of milk crust - it could be simply allergic to cow milk. Change to sheep or goat milk and if even that doesn‘t help, almond or rice milk can be used safely. Toddlers that are still suffering from milk crust should eat every day wheat germ and wheat bran

Screaming fits
Children who tend to have screaming fits should be given Chamomile X 200 (5 pellets a day) This homeopathic remedy also can be tried for older children when they get really cranky. It brings about the sunshine ...For children who are seeming to come down with a feverish illness should be given Belladonna X200 - especially if the child is red in the face and weeps easily.

Baby’s cold
Baby‘s who suffer especially from a stuffed nose during a cold can be helped with Sambuccus niger X 30 (several times a day 3 pellets). They also breathe easier if saline solution is cautiously dripped into the nose. The room temperature should not be too high and the air should not be too dry. Hang some wet cloth in the babies room. The cloth can also be wetted with salt water to simulate the healthy sea climate.

Babies and toddlers should be treated for cough as naturally as possible. A warm butter-tussilago poultice is one way. To clear the bronchi Bryonia X6 could be tried as a homeopathic remedy. The dry barking cough is better treated with Causticum X6 and for  the whooping crampy cough   give Ipecacuanha X6. All these „low diluted“ homeopathics are given several times a day and 5-10 pellets.

Babies having tummy cramps and who are crying are given Rheum X 6 for the diarrhea. Especially when the baby smells acidy (sour).  Elder babies and toddlers can have salt sticks or blueberries with carob meal or the soup of carrots and potatoes

Sometimes babies suffer from constipation from day one. Mostly their mothers have been heavy smokers and the babies suffer from nicotine cravings. Then Okoubaka X 30 should be given as a detoxify remedy. This homeopathic remedy works also excellent after any childhood disease. Toddler, older than 12 months can be given a grated apple (with the skin) and should be made to drink sufficiently. Often constipation is a lack of liquid... To activate the intestinal movement Lycopodium X200 has proven to work best

Loss of appetite
is in the most cases a power fight... If  there is no organic cause found for the lack of appetite, the parents should be relaxed and act consequently. The less children get in between meals the less they will show these symptoms. Never a child starved on a full table...Sometimes children even know better, maybe in the wake of a childhood disease that eating might be not so good... It is important that the children, that are eating poorly, are always offered enough to drink