Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods

Toddlers and Kids

Bedwetting till the age of five is considered still normal. Some children learn this feeling for the full bladder relatively late. Mothers should not be mad with the kid. Time will come.... Also children that wet the bed every night should have sufficiently to drink. Its cruel to deprive a kid from liquid. I‘ve heard of children that were not allowed to drink after noon... without success. Homeopathic remedies can be tried: For girls it is Pulsatilla X30 and boys need Rhus tox X 30 (5 pellets before bedtime) If the kid wets the bed after the first deep sleep (usually before midnight) and shrieks try Kreosotom X 200 before bedtime.

children have easier fever than adults, as their immune system is in the learning phase. Temperatures of  104 and less should not be suppressed. That trains the immune system. Wet and cold  compresses around the lower legs  lower the temperature. But caution: the feet should be warm. You may even use a warm water bottle to warm the feet. Fever asks for different homeopathic remedies according to the symptoms: Dry heat asks for Aconitum X 200 and after sweat broke out and if  the pupils are big and the kid is agitated the Belladonna X200 is the remedy of the choice. If  the fever is raising slowly or a the end of the fever, when the temperature falls, Echinacea X6 can be given. After the fever is gone Echinacea in the original tincture can be given to rebuild the immune system. Caution: Never give Echinacea in the original tincture while a cold is starting. It makes everything worse....

Sore throat
will be treated with Ferrum phos for the acute throat ache, red hot tonsils get Apis X6, and Phytolacca X200 is given especially when the throat ache is permanent for some days. A sore throat will be soothed when chamomile tea with a dash of butter is give to drink. That makes it easier on the mucosa. Sage tea or any herb tea with sage oil or teatree  oil helps also.

Poultices with curd (Quark from the German store=fermented milk) are a miracle cure for bronchitis. It is important that the child stays in bed during the poultice is on and is wrapped well and warm. The curd dries within two hours and may be taken off then. Wash the skin afterwards and put some oil on the skin to prevent rashes. Hand damp clothes (better soaked in salt water) in the room. Let some fresh air in the room and then close the window!

Ear aches
are the most common complications of common infections. As long it is not a real  middle ear suppuration, that should be treated by a medical doctor or naturopath only, the pain can be treated with garlic juice. To obtain garlic juice, garlic should be peeled and crunched with a fork. Then pressed into a little container. Put some Q-tips into that mass and let them soak with the garlic juice. Dab carefully! Babies or little children may already find relief from onion bags behind the ear. Dice onions and put them into a linen or cotton hanky. Close well an put behind the ear. If the kid wears a hat (which is recommended for ear-aches anyway) the onion bag is easily attached.     Older children that can be kept quiet for at least 10-15 minutes can get ear candles. Ear candles are available in health food stores. From own unpleasant experiences I warn to buy the colorful ones. The wax might clog the ear. Bee wax candles may be more expensive but they are safe. (The Hopi Indians produce some good quality ear candles and sell them - at least in Germany...)children that are prone to ear aches shall always wear something on the head to keep the ears protected against wind.
Ear aches after tonsillectomy  should be tried to treat with

Arnica X 6. Other homeopathic remedies go with the remedy picture.

Prone to catch colds
children who always have colds should get no antibiotics, as that weakens the immune system. They should have sufficient vitamins and minerals and enough sleep and movement in the fresh air. Echinacea in the original tincture - in Germany available as pressed juice „goodies“ (Echinacin Capsetten by Madaus) should be given for a long time. But except for the time when the children come down with a cold. Sometimes it also helps immediately, if milk in every form is cut out from the kids diet.

are symptoms of an overwhelmed detoxify system. Bio-energetic therapies like Dr Voll or MORA therapy can help to overcome this disposition. children - in contrary to adults - should not fast.

In my opinion every neurodermitis is a masked allergy. Often neurodermitis is arising the first time after antibiotic medicines have been given. The body fights the results of the suppressed fever. There are some homeopathic complex remedies like Secerna and Contravenenum by Fides, Germany, that help to get the neurodermitis down. Seasalt-Baths and sunbathes afterwards help to heal quickly (especially when the children skin is healing  while on vacation at the sea), Oil bath every other day adds some fat to the dry skin.