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My second edition of my Foot Reflexology Book with the title


is available now directly through me.

You can order by email and pay through paypal. (umeyerhof@gmail.com)

May 2016: The English version of my handbook on european foot reflexology was printed and available. ----and --  SOLD OUT  in just three months

I  completely re-edited the 2nd edition

It is  available since fall 2019

Since 2014 all the seminars on european foot reflexology will be based on my latest book 

what a nice feedback  :-)))

  Dear Ulla,

I am reading your book and find it "AWESOME"! You know ever since I learnt reflexology I was looking for a book that taught us every point on the feet for every organ, gland, skin, teeth muscles etc., but all i found were the basic reflex points for basic reflexology. I have attended 7 different reflexology seminars that taught different techniques that make the treatment more effective, but no one ever had points for the smaller parts of our body, your book fulfills that need in me and I am so excited about it. Thank you for (as your book mentions) opening new horizons to reflexologists. I hope reflexologists all over the world see the immense help this can be to enhance their treatments. This book can take reflexology  to new heights especially here in Canada, where not many know the benefits of this wonderful therapy. I sincerely hope my organisation RRCO, does sponsor you to come here and teach us your method. I would like to come to your seminar, so will wait and see what they decide. Hawaii is too expensive to come, but when you are in mainland USA I will definitely make it there.

Thank you once again.

Love & Light,