Learn about European Naturopathic Healing Methods
Impressions from the last Seminar in February 2016


Certification program for

european foot reflexology


Learn from the expert in a

20 hr intensive  seminar



Ulla  Meyerhof


a German licensed Naturopath since 1976

now working pro bono for the Naturopathic School of Hawaii

has advanced existing foot reflexology

into a sophisticated method

that is unique in the medical world.


european foot reflexology  

opens new horizons



Ulla Meyerhof shows you

zones that are not known  

on any other foot reflexology chart -

like heart valves, tear channels, bladder sphincters,

forearms and hands etc.


Ulla Meyerhof has altered the technique

to make foot reflexology safer and more effective

With the reaction pulse and catalyst points, you learn who to play on the feet like a master on his instrument.

With this advanced technique

you are able to read your clients health status

via the feet like an open book


european foot reflexology is taught exclusively by the


Naturopathic School of Hawaii


In a world of more and more hard competition

Your knowledge is Your





Seminars are available every month.


Seminars 2016  in California

May 6-8.2016 or
June 24-26.2016


Seminars 2016 in Hawaii

February: 12-14.2016

September 09-11.2016

Seminars 2016 in Germany and Switzerland

June 17-19.2016





For terms and conditions see the following website:


If you do have questions, don‘t hesitate to call

808-206-5207  or  808-202-8597    or write






CH:  After five sessions with  european foot reflexology my breast cyst could not be detected any more. It's gone for good.


EK: My ovarian cysts emptied by themselves after receiving regular

european foot reflexology sessions. They haven't come back


RD: After having some stress related problems I went into deep

relaxation with european foot reflexology.


AB: My kid had chronic ear infections. With several sessions european foot reflexology everything cleared up.


MH: After a long odyssey of trial and error I got a series of

european foot reflexology. Two months laterI was able to conceive my son. Ulla Meyerhof also assisted the childbirth with european foot reflexology. It was the most amazing event in my life.


TP: I had Morbus Meniere (inner ear dizziness) so bad that I was

completely dysfunctional. With european foot reflexology my body

healed itself in only one dramatic session.


JS: A stubborn shoulder pain had bothered me for years. After some sessions with european foot reflexology I'm free of pain.

M-A:After a robot surgery I was incontinent, Some sessions with european foot reflexology solved this problem


Ulla Meyerhof: 

I always point out to my clients:

"It is not me who is healing you.

eurpean foot reflexology (done in the appropriate way)

is enabling you

to heal yourself."


Quote from one student of Ulla Meyerhofs class 1991 who is having her own school now.


J-A T:

In 1984 I badly injured my back. For the next three years I tried to

rehabilitate and manage the pain in my back with many types of

therapy. I finally made the decision to have back surgery.


The nerve damage from the ruptured disc had spread down my

leg and I had a case of drop foot. For the two years following surgery I was labeled 50 percent permanently disabled and I was still walking with a cane. I felt like I had tried everything when a massage therapist referred me to a european foot reflexologist, Ulla Meyerhof.


After the first session I had regained about 60 percent of the feeling

in my calf. I walked out of that session without the use of my cane.

After about five months of regular reflexology sessions, the pain in

my back diminished completely.


Through the course of my foot reflexology treatments, my chronic

digestive problems were addressed and my glaucoma was stabilised. european foot reflexology treatments administered by Ulla were also enormously helpful in my mother’s dying process.


The other part of my story is really a miracle that I attribute to the

benefits of reflexology. Doctors told me throughout my life that I

would never conceive a child. I had been plagued with endometriosis, the root of my back problems. After my back got better, I got pregnant with the son I was told I would never have. He gives me great joy and constantly reminds me of the powerful healing effect of reflexology on mind, body and soul.






Do I get a certificate and CEUs for the seminar?

Yes, every student gets a certificate and 20 CEUs.


Can I deduct the seminar from my taxes?

If you are working in the medical field you can deduct the cost of the seminar, the travel, entertainment and lodging if you are coming from afar.


Can I buy a book on Ulla Meyerhofs method?

Yes, every student in her seminar receives a complimentary copy of her latest book and a wall chart on european foot reflexology.


The book is also  directly available  from Ulla Meyerhof for $ 59.90

plus tax plus shipping (advance payment required).


Do I have to come to Hawaii to take the seminar?

yes you should come to Hawaii. Later, when there are more students in other states on the mainland, Ulla Meyerhof will be traveling to teach on site wherever enough students are gathering.


Is there a video about the seminar available?

Unfortunately not yet. A video will be released soon


Is european foot reflexology the only topic

that is taught through theNaturopathic School of Hawaii?

As a starter european foot reflexology is the only topic, but

Lymphatic Drainage (see website

http://european-foot-reflexology.com/43.html)  and



are going to follow soon.


Last but not least: What is the cost on the seminar?

The seminar fee is $ 1,500.00 and includes a certificate by the Naturopathic School of Hawaii, practical and vocational

training, the book, a wall chart and CEUs.

With attending one seminar you are entitled to attend every following seminar as an intern at cost (app. $ 50.00).


Where can I sign up?

by phone: 808-206-5207

by mail:  natschool.hi@gmail.com