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Homework after being re-positioned by SPYNAMICS

Important -
before using this method.
talk it over with your health care professional

Here I'm just telling you how the the homework after Spynamics was done in Germany under my supervision. If you decide to follow this protocol, you do this on your own risk.

Even when the client has been perfectly adjusted it still can happen that the old stress pattern in the back is pulling the muscles back into the old position. This makes it necessary that the client does some homework to maintain the success.
When the legs were found on some joints sub-luxated, this means, that the client should re-adjust all joints every day. In the case of the sub-luxated hip it means that every time the hip is bent to less than 90 degrees (e.g. while driving a car) it has to be re-adjusted. The client should also be advised which motion patterns he/she should avoid.

Self-Treatment of the ankles
Standing: The previously longer leg is placed somewhat forward. Then the knee is moved forward until it is directly above the ankle joint. While the heel is firmly pressed to the floor, the ankle joint is rolled inwards and outwards until the joint is in the right position.

Self Treatment of the knee joint
The foot of the longer leg gets set upon something elevated (step or low stool) the knee joint at an angle of 90 degree. The same-side hand now clasps closely above the knee-cap. The other hand, being placed beneath the knee joint with thumb spread out like a fork, passes the knee joint from the calf lightly upwards. Now the knee joint is brought into extension through a gentle pressure downward on the upper thigh and upward from below the knee joint. With this motion the knee is reset.

Hip joint
The re-positioning of the hip joint can be shown to the client while lying down or while standing. The procedure is all the same. The leg makes an 90 degree angle with the hip. The same-side hand is placed firmly under the sit bone. Now the sit bone gets pushed upwards, while the legs  is dropped.

The lower spine
The client learns to lean on a corner with the convex bent side of the spine. The opposite leg should be swung back and forth (like left side on the spine means the right leg swings) until leaning this way causes no further unpleasant sensations.

The upper spine
the client does basically the same except that instead of the leg now the opposite arm is swinging

The cervical spine
The client reaches with the opposite hand (right neck with left hand) giving firm counter pressure to the end of transverse processes. While shaking the head in a no-no motion the resistance of the hand is re-positioning the vertebrae in the cervical spine.

It is very important, that this self re-adjustment always has to be done with no pain.

Through the dynamics of Spynamics it is extremely rare for the muscles impressed by a stress pattern to again pull the adjusted vertebrae into their old and wrong position. The homework assignments which empower adapting to the new, correct position, additionally effect that  one is taking responsibility for him/her-self

SPYNAMICS will be taught exclusively by Ulla Meyerhof in seminars in Germany.

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