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December 27, 2017


Since December 2017 my seminar video

european foot reflexology - healing from within

is available on Udemy.com

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Kapolei February 2, 2018

How fast time travels! It’s almost three years and many sold books later that it became necessary  to revise the first edition of my book

european foot reflexology

While in the first edition I explain every single zone on the feet, going from top to buttom, in the second edition I re-organize the contents and assort the volume by bady systems, like Hormones, Movement, Digestion and Detox, Respiration, Heart/Circulation, Immune System and Sensory Organs. This will ease orientation in the book.

You will find one brandnew chapter in the new edition:

Healing from Within

It explains Why Foot reflexology and all the other energy related healing methods work. It puts you into the world of energy and vibration. When you read this, all of a sudden everything seems to be logic and very simple. It explains why we are able to heal ourselves and how european foot reflexology can help.


What makes european foot reflexology so different?


In short,

there are some zones that you cannot find on any other chart in the world

The Tear Channels, the Heart Valves, the Bladder Sphincters and the zones for the Forearm and Hands. I found these in the course of the over 40 years .


I work with Master Points. Masterpoints make it possible to balance the disturbed energy zones much faster and more sustainable. So there are the Master Points for the Hormone System, the Movement System, the Digestive System, Excretion System, the Circulatory System. the Respiratory System, the Immune System  and the Sensory Organs.


I work with the the energy findings. I discern between normal, hyper- and hypo- energetic zones and balance them by sedation and stimulation.



If you want to get the latest news on books, seminars and Videos I invite you to browse my website www.european-foot-reflexology.com


Love and Light



My new book will abailable through any bookstore in the future

I keep you posted


Hi, I'm Ulla Meyerhof, 

I was licensed as a Heilpraktiker* in Germany in November 1976.

*Heilpraktiker is someone, who is state licensed in Germany to practice naturopathic medicine

I had my own naturopathic practice  in Germany and Italy from November 1976 until August 2009

I worked in the naturopathic tradition, using ancient as well as modern healing methods for more than 30 years.

In this website you will find information about these methods that have been used and proven to be effective over centuries until now.